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(Xinhua) – BEIJING, Dec. 25 – Chinese lawmakers voted yesterday to adopt a revision of the law, in order to further promote innovation in science and technology.

Lawmakers approved a revision of the Science and Technology Advancement Law at a session of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, which began on December 20.

The revised standard encourages scientific and technological research and development, with the aim of supporting the goal of peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

The law also requires the creation and improvement of a strong national laboratory system led by the center, with key national institutions as supporting forces.

In the revision of the standard, awards were included for these sectors, including the most important science and technology in the country, with an emphasis on national support for higher education institutions in the development of basic research, as well as the development of talent in this field.

In the field of advancing regional scientific and technological innovation, the law calls on all localities to exploit regional advantages to choose a development path with local characteristics.

The standard also stipulates that departments at all levels, companies and institutions must improve the mechanism for training, evaluating and motivating female scientists, and caring for female scientific workers during the maternity period, as well as encouraging and supporting them. Play a greater role in the advancement of science.

The amended new law will come into effect on January 1, 2022 (XINHUA)

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