Cinema in Manresa | The balance of 2023 cannot exceed Shakira's exceptional year, despite the growth in photography

Cinema in Manresa |  The balance of 2023 cannot exceed Shakira's exceptional year, despite the growth in photography

Cinema in Manresa: The balance of 2023 cannot exceed the exceptional year of Shakira, despite the increase in filmingOscar Bayona

More productions but fewer shooting days and less financial return. There was nothing Shakira No ceiling David Victor. It is difficult for a year like 2022 to be repeated balance sheet 2023, Facilitated today by the Manresa City Council, he points out Last year, the city hosted the filming of 54 productions –Series, films, commercials, short films, TV shows, video clips, documentaries -, Surpassing 41 productions filmed in 2022And get one A direct economic return of approximately 600 thousand euros. Although production grew and maintained an upward trend, the return in 2022 was greater, reaching 700 thousand euros. The media coverage it brought was not surpassed either ShakiraWith video clip shooting routinewhich still remains to this day, The most impactful photography of the city as a group. But what cannot be denied is that 2022 and 2023 marked “a very important step forward that strengthens Manresa’s role as a benchmark in the photographic map of Catalonia.”

In total, during 2023 The city welcomed 117 days of filmingthe second highest number since the Manresa Film Office began promoting the city as a filming location in 2016. The record number of days was achieved in 2022 with 200 days of recording thanks to the filming of the series over several weeks. You will toodirected by Manres David Victory, and Who is Erin Carter (Palomino).

Manresa's balance sheet was presented as a film set this afternoon by the Manresa City Council's Business, Tourism and Knowledge Advisor, Joan Villa Marta, The technician in charge of the Manresa Film Office, Alex Farris Jellybits.

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Among the productions carried out during the year 2023, film photography stands out above allThey know that, Inspired by the life of comedian Eugenio and directed by David Trueba, the production earned him credits 7 Gaudi Awards, 11 nominations and Goya Award for Best Actor, David Verdaguer; As well as filming series on the Netflix platform, Body on fire, With Ursula Corbero, Kim Gutierrez and Iron hand, Starring Edward Fernandez, Chino Darin, Sergi Lopez and others.

Another related filming in Manresa was the serialLast night at Tremore Beach, The film stars Javier Rey and Ana Polvorosa The 47th, With Edward Fernandez, Clara Segura, David Verdaguer and the filmApocalypse Z. The beginning of the end, A zombie film directed by Catalan director Carles Torrens and starring Francisco Ortiz and José María Yazbek.

world Advertising He also chose Manresa as the filming location. Among the proposals that aroused the greatest amount of interest and anticipation last year was the depiction of the car brand Toyota For the Olympic Games in Paris in the presence of a well-known handball playerNikola Karabaticdating platform advertisement Tinder. They have completed productions recorded in the city, several local shoots for local creators, TV shows, short films, videos, documentaries, proposals for the Internet and various academic exercises.

Manresa's appeal as a film location has gained the trust of audiovisual platforms such as Netflix. Movistar+, Prime Video, and from production companies such as Mediapro, TwentyFour Seven Group, Ikiru Films, Mediaset, Youplanet Productions, Gestmusic, Acantilado Studio, Telson, Freemantlemedia España, Apoz Película or Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation.

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More sights and sites of interest in the city

Regarding the scenarios and locations chosen for filming, Marafiq explainedHospital center and the surrounding streets (Avenue les Bases de Manresa and Avenue Universitària), unknown, the pirelli, Several streets historical center, he He walks Or the Miami restaurantThey are still the most requested spaces by production companies. Also, Fabrica Nova, Parc de La Jolla, Cemetery, Oller del Mas, Congost area or New courts also attracted attention.

Manresa at the Gaudi Awards ceremony

one of Important filming took place in Manresa He was The spot From the latest edition ofgaudi awards, Presented by the Catalan Film Academy. Under the slogan “We look up again,” the site invited the audience to raise their heads from the mobile phone screen to enjoy the magic of cinema together. It was an advertisement Starring Torgueline actor Roger Casamajor, With the participation of Manresa residents and young actors and actresses in training at the Manresa School of Performing Arts.

This scene was filmed in different locations in the capital of Pajes: Bar Miami, Pajes Multi-Cinema Centre, Llanima, Ben Plantada, Carrer Gumera and Club Padel Manresa.

I went beyond the spot 265,000 views on social media In addition to the audience of spectators at the concert, viewing on public transport (metro and Catalan railway), in cinemas in Catalonia and coverage in various media has provided a good platform for the projection of Manresa as a city of cinema in front of the Catalan film sector and in front of the public in general.

Strengthen the city and make greater alliances

Follower Manresa Film Officethe body that depends on Business, Tourism and Knowledge Department of Manresa City Council, Work continues to strengthen the city as a reference city, manage and facilitate the work of specialists in the audiovisual field and present the diversity of sites available in the city.

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Currently, there are different business lines underway to move forward in the coming years with expansion Brand “Manresa, Dream Collection”, Such as opening technical data sheets for new locations, strengthening media campaigns to introduce cinematic heritage of interest to audiovisual companies, promoting local productions or hosting premieres and previews, among others.

In this line, Business, Tourism and Knowledge Advisor, Joan Vila Martaexplained that one of the other lines of work being implemented is Cooperation with other film offices in Catalan cities“, “With whom we want to coordinate and integrate more.” The aim is to strengthen alliances such as the one created with Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, located in Terrassa, with the filming of the series in 2019 ChoppedWhich photographed the exteriors at Manresa and the interiors at Terrassa.

For Counselor Villa, Manresa Film Office rating: “Excellent”: “Each time it gains more momentum and brings us more and more activity in the city, giving us more external projection.” For this reason, he said: “We need to position cinema as another asset to showcase Manresa; we are working on works related to site tourism, an audience we do not have now and which we also want, and that can be a driving force for the restoration of the city and other sectors.”

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