“Who believes that?” – Free daily

“Who believes that?”  – Free daily
Francesco Friedla

Also talking about Pamela Brati During the last episode of very rightWhere the big one comes in Uretta Bertie (Columnist in GfVipconducted by Alfonso Signorini). The singer said that she was on good terms with her colleague Sonya Broganelli: Between the two there are a lot of feelings and friendship. A different situation compared to last year, when Broganelli and Volpi were talking about all sorts of things. Thanks to the reality show, Berti has gained popularity again.

Then we talk about it Pamela Brati Signorini’s former competitor, at the center of controversy in recent years regarding the Mark Caltagirone case. “But look, Pamela told her whole story,” Bertie says. “I also told her that with my heart I could be close to her, but not with my mind, because it is such an improbable story that I don’t believe it. You understand?”. At that point, Tovanen threw in the pits. Actually cannon. No, but I don’t believe it either, Orita, But who believes that? But do you think the story with Marc Caltagirone or the story with Marco Bellavia is more of a forgery? Because more or less…”, he says. Applause in the studio.

Let’s not forget that there is a precedent between Tovanin and Prati: in full Prati gate, the ex-primadonna of Bagaglino arrived in the studio and after exchanging jokes left. Pictures spread on the Internet .. Where is Pamela? Did you go away? But how far did you go? Honestly I can not TalkMoghaddam said very right. Pictures that existed on the Internet and that no one can forget even today.

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