Try the Toyota Rav4 Spec Sheet Reviews and Dimensions 2.5 PHEV Style + AWD-i

Try the Toyota Rav4 Spec Sheet Reviews and Dimensions 2.5 PHEV Style + AWD-i

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there Toyota Rav4 It is not a huge SUV (460 cm in length) and has a spacious passenger cabin that is well insulated from noise. There is only a hybrid, in full or plug-in versions; The test relates to the latest version. Since the test, the car has undergone a minor update, mainly related to the cabin: the dashboard is now fully digital, and the serviceable multimedia system has a 10.5-inch display instead of a 9-inch one. The efficient hybrid system, which does not waste petrol, consists of four engines: the 2.5 petrol unit operating according to the Atkinson cycle is linked to three electric units (two in front and two in the rear, ensuring 4×4 traction) for a combined 306 hp. The result is extremely dynamic acceleration and superior performance.

This lithium-ion battery Toyota Rav4 It has a notable capacity of 18.1 kWh nominal. By connecting it to a pole capable of delivering 7.4 kW (the maximum the vehicle will accept), it went from empty to 100% in two and a half hours; Then, by choosing the electric-only driving mode (which allows you to reach 140 km / h), we were able to cover a lot of roads without using the four cylinders: 77 km in the city and 60.4 on our “average” trip. Thus, for many motorists, daily use can only be in the case of current, provided that the “battery” is often recharged. Even if there is no shortage of racing, this SUV (proposed with minimal modifications also by Suzuki, with the name Across) gives its best if driven without haste.

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In zigzag paths, in fact, this Toyota Rav4 It turns out to be difficult to handle, and on sharp accelerations the ring transmission keeps a high 2.5 revolutions per minute: the resulting “scooter effect” is dull. Safety equipment for all Rav4s is rich, which helped reach the five stars in the Euro NCAP rating (in 2019, but reaffirmed in 2020). The risk of injury to passengers (especially children sitting in the back) in the event of an accident is reduced, and automatic braking is effective, even in the presence of pedestrians and cyclists.

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