“Call call every 4 hours and night mandatory”

“Call call every 4 hours and night mandatory”

Harry Stiles He is one of the most popular artists in recent years and each of his concerts are sold out. Audiences were captivated by the talent of the young singer from Holmes Chapel, a small village in England, who took his first steps in the world of music with One-way, but found consolidation of his success with a solo career. His latest “Love on Tour” tour kicked off on September 4, 2021 from Madison Square Garden for 15 nights in a row. Harry is back in Italy on July 25, 2021, in Bologna, checking out a full house here as well and preparing to return to Italy, which he loves so much, on July 22 for an unmissable event in Campofolowhere more than 100,000 fans will flock to hear their favorite singer.

The RFC Arena is quite large, but it’s all outdoors and there’s no seating, so fans will have to queue to get to their sections in hopes of getting a decent view. But that doesn’t apply to some of the girls who actually decided yesterday, July 17, to camp outside the Kampofulu gates to be the first in and sit in the front row. Let’s go and see the rules that were enforced and the reaction of the fans on social media.

Campofolo rules

Harry Styles fans are so passionate and determined, that they braved the heat of Cerberus and Charon, two heat waves that are bringing temperatures above 40 degrees in more than 20 cities. Some girls have decided to line up since yesterday, July 17th, to wait for the doors of Campovolo, the venue where Harry Styles’ concert will be held on Saturday, July 22nd, and get the best seats. Since the number of “Harry’s girls” (the name of the singer’s fans) who decide to camp is growing every hour, the fans decided to give themselves some rules, among which roll call at nine in the morning and spending the night in a tent is another mandatory criterion.

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There are checkpoints and call calls at 9, 14, 19 and 23 to make sure that no one leaves their site and spends the night in line.

Twitter reaction

Most Harry Styles fans decided to take it easy, get to Campovolo in time to open the gates and wait, avoiding heatstroke or feeling bad because of the scorching heat these days. Pictures of these “rules” imposed by the girls who went out at camp were posted on Twitter and the controversy immediately arose: “I wouldn’t risk feeling bad for being crazy and queuing a week ago,” while others take it sarcastically. “At school I never showed up for the 9 o’clock phone calls, but maybe for Harry I could do that,” they say.

Fans who came out defended themselves by saying that in their opinion it was a matter of merit: “We deserve to be in the front row, with Harry in front of us because we make sacrifices for him.”

Many remember that at the Bologna concert on July 25, 2022, many fans decided to camp in front of the Unipol Arena 5 days before the concert, but the temperatures were not high.

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