Where is the driest place on Earth located?

Where is the driest place on Earth located?

Our planet is vast and endless, and there are still areas under study. For example, where is the driest place on Earth located? Let’s find out together.

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Our beautiful planet continues to be the subject of study and research by scientists every day. Who studies its changes, formation and origins. For example, if we want to select a very barren area, that’s just one place. Do you know where he is? We will tell you.

The driest place on Earth is located here

If we ask what is the driest place on Earth, many of us might instinctively answer that it is the desert. It’s easy to think so, considering that it’s usually a warm place, and it rains very little Temperatures change suddenly from day to evening.

In fact, there is at least one other place that is even drier than the Sahara and is located at completely different latitudes. Above all, you will be surprised to know that the temperatures are incredibly different, very cold, even below zero.

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They are cold deserts, which you may always find covered in ice or snow. Of course, the most famous in this sense is Antarctica, but this region is not the driest at all. Actually, we’ll have to go to McMurdo Dry Valleys To discover it. An incredibly cold region that many scientists have often compared to Mars. It is basically three valleys covering an area of ​​200 km. They are called Taylor Valley, Victoria Valley and Wright Valley.

McMurdo Dry Valleys

It is found in Antarctica and was first discovered in 1903 by an explorer Robert Scott. They have been specifically identified in the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, near the US-owned McMord Base, hence the name.

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Dry in what sense? Suffice it to say that the temperature here remains all year round Between -15°C and -30°C. Above all, it is an incredibly humid area. It’s impossible to find precipitation here, in fact, the only ice you might find comes from alpine glaciers in the mountains surrounding the area. The formation and survival of the McMurdo Valleys depend on a peculiarity called the Antarctic Plateau, or, to use a more technical term, the Plateau. It is located at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level, and is a huge layer of ice with extremely cold air above it. Air that descends due to the effect of gravity.

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This, in turn, allows the formation of some winds that blow and hit the coastal areas. In winter they can even reach speed 300 kilometers per hourPractically as if we were experiencing a hurricane. It is dry and often obscured by the Transantarctic Mountains, which form a kind of barrier.

But how do you live here? It is natural that these areas are devoid of life due to the harsh conditions they face. Scientists were only able to find a large concentration of cells, Approximately 1-10 million cells. A series of microorganisms can be traced in lakes, especially subterranean and saline ones. Best suited to host microbial life. It is precisely because of this condition that this region is compared to Mars.

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