Cioffi: “Inter will beat you. Penalty? I will not comment, then there is a complete collapse.”

Cioffi: “Inter will beat you. Penalty? I will not comment, then there is a complete collapse.”

Udinese coach Gabriele Cioffi commented on the 4-0 defeat against Inter on Sky Sports.

Gabrielle My swordsThe Udinese coach commented on the 4-0 defeat to Inter on Sky Sports.

Could something more have been done?

“I have to ask myself the first question, because I asked the team to wait which is against our nature. I’m sorry that the score was raised in a loop like the penalty kick which I will not comment on, the thing that ‘for me, the complete skid that happened immediately after that is… unacceptable. “We have to accept a result like this from a sporting point of view, not for the sake of our goals.”

Will you make this tactical choice again against Inter?

“I would make the same choice because in my opinion the advantages were more than the disadvantages. If you expect Inter to be high, they will beat you, and if you expect Inter to be low, they will find a solution: it is clear that we cannot reach Inter’s level.” level.”

Why do Inter still have space even if you are short?

“If you look at the goals, we got them by getting ahead of them and there Inter penetrate you, they dribble and they are entrenched. What are we talking about… We had to stay there to suffer, I tried to keep two in front of the defense waiting for some counter-attacks, like Pereira’s chances.” . I couldn’t see any other matches for us. “This is not a lack of courage, but courage is expressed in a different way because we have to know who we are.”

Was there a lack of quality to be more dangerous?

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“If you want to give the edge in defense and there’s Barella who breaks the bank, that’s difficult, hence the choice to let Wallace slide into the third who was coming down. When we got the timing right we started again, we tried to win with guile, flexibility and effort but that Did not succeed. Let us close the page and start again, more convinced than before.”

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