Stefano Di Martino, do you know by what means he travels around Milan? Nobody can imagine that

Stefano Di Martino, do you know by what means he travels around Milan?  Nobody can imagine that

A new “old” life for Stefano Di Martino who is back with his wife Belen Rodriguez: this is how he walked around Milan

True love wins out in the end. Long push and pull between the former dancer friends And now a TV presenter, Stephen DiMartinowho is back in the arms of his wife Belen. In fact, the two are still married as the divorce proceedings were never final. A special relationship with the famous couple who lived apart for some time, but love for their son Santiago I brought them together once and for all to the delight of the Italians. Their love story was so captivating, the Italian followed it step by step knowing each development in detail.

Stefano Di Martino, the surprise around Milan: here’s how it goes – Ansa –

In recent weeks, the same Argentine showgirl, who has given birth to another daughter from Antonino Spinalpes (little Luna Marie)She returns to talk about her relationship with him Stephen DiMartino. A love that was always alive in his mind and heart. “When we met he was 22, I was 26: we were kids and famous for booting,” Rodriguez revealed to F magazine.

The South American model added in detail the main problems they had to face in that period: “We were not in the couple two, but thousands: paparazzi at home every day, people got sick. I think leaving us was the most natural thing that could happen. His love has always been alive and true: “I suffered so much for Stefano. From the outside I look strong, but you have to build up the armor. In private I am very young. You ask me one thing and I’ll give you a thousand.”

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Stefano Di Martino, Curious about Milan: here is the video

A crazy desire to be next to each other again to experience indelible moments. The two decided not to advertise their movements even if it was very difficult: the paparazzi live every day under a house Belen To try to take some interesting shots. Even on social networks, no photos have been taken recently by the famous couple who want to live their intimate relationship without worries.

Stefano Di Martino about Milan
Stefano Di Martino, about Milan: here’s how it goes – Ansa –

In recent months, Amici’s former dancer, who is starting his new career as a TV host, has immortalized himself around it. Milan On a Vespa with his son Santiago.

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Desire to live the city of Milan intensely and then return to your city announced tower Where it all began.

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