A comparison between the Japanese cover and the global cover, which is better? – Multiplayer.it

A comparison between the Japanese cover and the global cover, which is better?  – Multiplayer.it

Final Fantasy 16 Finally a release date and that means different things. One of them is the fact that the game has an official cover, or rather two covers Official coversone for the market Japanese And one for the market international. What is your favorite?

You can see the two covers below, shared via ResetErawhere a user survey is conducted to determine what is preferred by the western audience.

The first Final Fantasy 16 cover we show you is this one international, that is, the one with the carnations “melted” with Ifrit on fire and his little brother Joshua in the center, facing towards the viewer. In the background we can see a city, but it is mostly covered in smoke. The name of the game is written above and in black, but it is partially covered by the artwork.

Final Fantasy 16 international cover

The second cover below is instead Japanese. This is the most iconic image of Final Fantasy 16, with Clive in the center, at the bottom, behind the game’s name written in white. Right behind our protagonist, we see Phoenix and Ifrit about to serve and in the background is one of the game’s cities, with a crystal right behind it and a sky full of clouds.

Final Fantasy 16 Japanese cover
Final Fantasy 16 Japanese cover

Both covers are pretty pretty, in our opinion, however What is your favorite At ResetEra, the audience is, at the time of writing, evenly split between those who prefer Japanese and those who prefer Western. A part of the players think that they are both beautiful and a few users say that the cover should have a white background with the name of the game and nothing else.

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We also remind you that Final Fantasy 16 makes you fight with a dog, and it will be the only ally that gives orders.

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