When Eduardo Franco from Masterchef was equal to Damiano from Maneskin (which is no trick!)

When Eduardo Franco from Masterchef was equal to Damiano from Maneskin (which is no trick!)
Edoardo Franco – Source: Instagram @edoardo_franco_masterchef12 – StreetFoodNews.it

Edoardo Franco is one of the most passionate and unique characters to come out of Masterchef but it cannot be said that he is beautiful: however, once upon a time it was different!

When he got to Masterchef, he definitely caught the crowd’s attention weird look: at the age of 26 years old In fact, he sported a hairstyle that became popular in the 1980s and which has been rediscovered and adopted in recent years by many international dignitaries, including Manniskin’s Damiano, to the awe of audiences.

In addition to the old-fashioned hairstyle and mustache, Eduardo Franco also wore aunusual sympathy, a personality Open, positive and friendly As well as one Great ability to face new challenges and adapt to unconventional situations.

Having defeated other competitors in the final (Vietnamese Thi Huu Din and Antonio Sardinia), Eduardo willingly agreed to take part in the final. Live up to the bet he made with Chef Barbieri: He would cut his hair short if he could win the competition.

As fans of the show know all too well Chef Barbieri cuts Eduardo’s hair in Piazza Duomo in Milan. Thus staying with the “helmet” which certainly didn’t improve the situation much. Despite everything, Eduardo has remained very loyal to his look and vowed to regrow his hair while keeping the same cut, as it has become a true trademark for him.

All appearances of Eduardo Franco

Like everyone, over time, Eduardo has experimented with many different looks and it has to be said that the mullet isn’t the most unusual thing he’s done with his hair. And I published, on his personal page on the Instagram site, pictures of him with a parting in the middle, and some of them Short braids coming out from the nape of the neck but also with me long hair collected in Thin pigtails all over the head.

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But at certain times in his life, Eduardo Franco wore very short hair Perhaps, too, thanks to his youth, he is not nearly as similar: one photo in particular has impressed many of his followers.

Eduardo Franco Damiano de Manisquin - Street Food News
Eduardo Franco (left) and Damiano David (right) – Source Instagram – StreetFoodNews.it

Portrait of Eduardo Franco equals Damiano de Manisquin

When Damiano David became famous, there was a real obsession with finding what the young singer could look like. There were also those who claimed that in some of the photos, Damiano could remember Lady Diana, but he actually went further than that.

But this time around, the similarity, to a large extent, is undeniable approximately 1700 People loved the caption, which says succinctly, “Edoardo dei Maneskin.”

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