The burning Del Burgo publishes a new photo amid the Letizia crisis: “Magic?…damn”

The burning Del Burgo publishes a new photo amid the Letizia crisis: “Magic?…damn”

This Sunday, January 14, yes Leticia He has some kind of alarm on his cell phone that alerts him when it's his ex Jaime del Burgo He posted a new post, he must have gotten stressed out because it wouldn't stop ringing. He became a businessman from Navarre Scourge The Queen and her husband, the No. 1 enemy of the marriage, the Asturian lives with sadness in her heart with every new letter from her former lover. And let's not say when Del Burgo explicitly addresses her or Felipe, as in the message he published this morning after the situation in Israel and Palestine, where he even called Letizia, Felipe and Pedro Sanchez. “Trio is not worth it” After asking three questions and determining the order of responsibilities, explaining what the order will be “Letizia, Pedro, Felipe”.

Since he started posting tweets and messages, every new image or sentence appears in Letícia-Felip's code. Del Burgo wasn't used to that Stitch without threadIt would not be surprising if everything he published was indirect towards his former mistress and the King of Bourbon. He recently posted a tweet in which he praised Queen Elizabeth II of England, or posted a picture with his daughter on the steps of Piazza di Spagna in Rome, wishing a happy new year, and everyone thought that Through truth itself In the Spanish monarchy.

Shortly after the letter in which he told Felipe, Letizia and the Prime Minister “Not worth”Del Burgo posted his second photo of 2024. Once again, a photo of what his daughter looks like, this time skating. In the snow. The activity we remember was popular with the royal family, but now things are not so good for skiing in Zarzuela. A photo, yes, accompanied by one this time message Very curious and the employer writes “Screenshot. The other day I was talking with some friends about going skiing for a few days with the kids. Charm? Shit, her name is Meta, Metachet“:

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Del Borgo's enigmatic letter. Certainly in his book, which will be published very soon, Letizia's ex-lover speaks clearly and without extravagant language.

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