Alessandro must leave the house – Big Brother VIP

Alessandro must leave the house – Big Brother VIP

it’s time for The second disqualification: Alfonso invited all the VIPs, except for the two finalists, to the Superled Room.

In alphabetical order, the contestants choose one of the pyramids in the center of the study: who will find the pyramids with a base gold The rescue streak will begin.

Luck pays off Jessicawho chose to save Sufi. Instead, Sophie saves, without a doubt, AlexanderWho in turn saves his “King Cupid”. Soleil. Sulli, after careful consideration, decided to save JukasWho stands before his comrades without concealing a slight ambiguity. However, the scammer chooses to save from TV Davidwho saves his friend instead barrow.

It is he who makes the final decision: the two people who will not be chosen will go to an important TV station. And the Manila last to be saved.

mirjana And the Antonio They are the top two candidates for elimination, but the twists and turns don’t end there. They will have to choose to bring two other competitors with them: Antonio, due to the lack of dialogue, chooses Sophie. On the other hand, Mirjana chooses Alessandro.

The Flash TV Officially closed. He is the first to be saved Antonionext one mirjanaleaving the couple to vie for elimination: it is. Alexander Having to leave the game permanently.

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