Tera Amara is good news for fans of the Turkish series: Mediaset’s decision

Tera Amara is good news for fans of the Turkish series: Mediaset’s decision

just a few hours ago, Mediaset announced a programming change Which seems like a great gift for those who follow the love affairs of Zuleya Altun and Yilmaz Akkaya every day.

Apparently, Mediaset chose to promote stories set in Cukurova and give the TV series a sweet prime time.

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Mediaset’s new programming is changing the cards on the table, and here’s what’s coming from September

In fact, according to Mediaset’s new programming, The TV series will be broadcast in prime time every Sunday, starting in September. In September, Mediaset launched a real revolution with exclusive news for its viewers.

The film released this year by Pier Silvio Berlusconi is a real revolution, starting with the totally unexpected farewell to Barbara d’Urso who greeted her audience for the last time last week. The contract that tied her to Mediaset expired early.

She should have decided what she was going to do in December and instead after agreements with Mediaset it was decided that she would not be the one to host the afternoon of September 5th onwards. The decision came because the applicant applied Conduct a prime time programme. However, Mediaset at the moment cannot afford such a huge expense. So Berlusconi decided to give her the green light and let her go on vacation early.

The first evening rather entrusted to her time earth That won the stock contest in recent weeks, then you should. To feel super satisfied, soap fans can’t wait to catch up on the events Zuleyha Altun and Yilmaz Akkaya in the evening and relax with them.

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time earth He will hold general company every Sunday beginning in September

The programming change will be the first evening of every Sunday All alone from September through October. From October onwards, Yilmaz and Zeliha will have to make room free fallwhich will arrive in prime time in the first weeks of the month.

Soap fans will surely want to discover previews of upcoming episodes. What is certain is that viewers will unfortunately witness a motley mourner. Yilmaz Akkaya and Henker Yaman will lose their lives. I thought, he will find out that he feels a strong attraction to Mogan, Cukurova will witness the arrival of Umit.

She will be the new director of the hospital. FifthWe’ll see what changes with his arrivalWhether it is an advantage or a negative.. Will it change the scale and how will it change it, whether negatively or positively.

time earth
time earth

Episode previews

On the Sunday, July 9, 2023 episode, Fekili tries to convince Yilmaz that Mojgan could not have tried to kill Zeliha Opening new paths and leaving hypotheses.

Meanwhile, Çetin tells Fekili Wilmaz that Henker did not allow Demir to enter the palace, only to protect Zeliha. Demir told Sevda that Hunkar did not want him to enter the villa, and even threatened him with a gun.

Zeliha forgives Hunkar for the harm he has done to her, and Cetin tells Fekeli that he has noticed a strange car, with an Istanbul license plate and driven by an unknown person. Cetin finds out where the man lives and joins him with Fekili only to find out later that he is his nephew Fikret.

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During Sabahattin’s wedding, Demir and Safda arrive. Then Sermin informs about Hunkar who goes to the party and shows in front of everyone that his father’s lover is Sevda.

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