Dacia throws in the towel: the difficult decision was inevitable and a great loss for those who wanted to save

Dacia throws in the towel: the difficult decision was inevitable and a great loss for those who wanted to save
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For several years now, a brand on the rise in the automotive sector has made its way by conquering large segments of the public: Dacia, which has made the balance between comfort and quality its strong point. And now?

in the context of the market car He definitely stands changing And embrace the global theme now which it is environmental sustainability As a new threshold to conform to, what is the path to follow Dacia?

Set in height, by auto Significant positive impact on the market With outstanding quality and safety in terms of performance: Dacia is gradually climbing the rankings collective admiration.

The market responds well to its inputs, choosing by quantities ie vehicles who proposes. At the same time, market developments are imposed on everyone competitor affiliate section to make strategic decisions.

There is no need to deny this, as they are the decisive years in which one must organize oneself towards the future that appears no escape Both from the point of view of protection environmental, Both are at the graphic level productive And industrial farsighted.

Dacia, the future, its models

It’s the path to zero emissions, to zero-emissions cars, and mainly to cars hybrids 1st edition electrical Then that net day coexistence with refractory And traditional, They seem famous topic from the future. Today, Dacia continues to offer highly reliable cars the prices at least competitive, Which makes it one of the current leading companies in many sectors. As for the electrification chip ie times They are but still long.

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As it appeared recently Dasha It has established production heat engines until all 2034: full pass to electrification So for Dacia this was not the case yet scheduled strategically. The real point fulcrum, For the company, it still is liquefied petroleum gas. In our country, for example Seventy five percent Dacias of this type: cheap, with quantity less carbon dioxide Compared to petrol cars, there is still room for growth.


Dacia, focusing on electricity and LPG

For Dacia, the goal is still to focus on Euro 7 LPG. Someone may argue that delay the way to electrical, And backwardness from this face: as this will be a An inevitable step.

keeping up competitor It can help with perspective: at the moment, Dacia’s competitiveness and low costs do not allow us to imagine an image correction in this aspect in the short term. but tomorrow, When the time is right, that What will happen?

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