WhatsApp, everything is changing: users have already been alerted

WhatsApp, everything is changing: users have already been alerted

A new change coming to WhatsApp? The indiscretions currently circulating on the web are already arousing the curiosity of users on the web: below, all the possible news in sight.

It is definitely one of the most used apps in the world: WhatsApp It allows users from all over the world, who own a smartphone, to be connected in real time and continuously. The boom of one of the most popular social networks among Internet users has made communication more flexible and has provided an alternative and more than existing channel for anyone with a professional activity (useful, in this case, the introduction of Whatsapp Business, Ed.). However, the attention of the most curious users has now turned to what could be potential future innovations that could change, and not a little, the app as everyone knows it.

In fact, rumors are circulating on the Internet about what it could be The new graphical interface for WhatsApp, is available to all those who have the beta version of the well-known social network. According to what was leaked, the application could undergo a profound innovation in terms of graphics, which shows how the developer team behind one of the most important instant messaging applications (if not the main one) is always looking for novelty. Make the application always usable, both functionally and Aesthetic. Let’s find out together what news is about to bring about a new revolution for Whatsapp, which should be intended for all users as soon as possible.

New graphics for Whatsapp: all possible news

Users are already thrilled about the new graphics that the developer team of the instant messaging app, Whatsapp, can soon bring to the web world and to all those who use it daily.

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WhatsApp towards a new graphic design – ANSA – rompipalone.it

In detail there will be The almost complete replacement of traditional green with white, It comes close to the interface intended for iOS users. Related news also Ribbon design at the bottom: Through it, users will be able to quickly access chats, updates, communities and calls. At the moment, the new design is only available to those who own the beta version of the Whatsapp application, but at the moment there are no details regarding the availability of the new updates, which will also aim to resolve various bugs that users are facing. at recent days.

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