Virtus, a million good reasons. Bailey and co. They are also full of fans

Virtus, a million good reasons.  Bailey and co.  They are also full of fans

Virtus’ magical moment moves from the field to everyday life. Not only has Juventus won the Super Cup, is unbeaten for the first time in the league and has an enviable record in the Euroleague where it has won three out of four matches, but it is also the professional sports team in Emilia-Romagna that has the largest fan base nationally, ahead of Bologna Calcio. And Sassuolo.

Research conducted by Sport Value of Stage Up in collaboration with Ipsos, one of the most accredited institutes when it comes to studying satisfaction with sports reality, says that 1,46,000 people in Italy support Virtus and 31% of them live in the region. The result is that the number of his supporters in Emilia Romagna exceeds 324 thousand, and when asked “Which team do you support?” One in 15 Emilia-Romagna residents responded to Virtus. In its ongoing research, Stage Up has also discovered that from 2018 until today, again at a national level, the number of Juventus fans has increased by 81% and it is no coincidence that this increase occurred at the moment when the president and owner of Segafredo split. After hesitation, they finally took to the field, bringing here players whose recruitment had a strong impact. Posting personalities like Marco Belinelli, Daniel Hackett or Milos Teodosic on social media certainly unleashes a large following, and again according to this research, these investments are recognized by enthusiasts, since the Segafredo brand is the most popular By her fans.

In this hot start for the team, Zanetti and his staff, namely CEO Luca Baraldi and general manager Paolo Ronci, have their advantages as well. The main reason is that they believed the men and they turned out to be credible men. After losing the second championship final and some obvious skirmishes during the season, it may be a gamble to continue to trust Senators like Marco Belinelli and Daniel Hackett, but the club has given them confidence and the two are showing that on Championship day. Retirement is still far away. At the same time, when they spoke with Toko Shengelia, they were very clear in explaining that downsizing does not mean layoffs. The result is that Segafredo won his first title of the season and won three straight Euroleague games. Much has already been written about the change on the bench, with the dismissal of Sergio Scariolo and the arrival of Luca Panchi, but what is certain is that the team today brings a work spirit to the pitch and that when opponents are forced to attack the team Juventus baskets do not have a particularly easy life. There is no shortage of drawbacks, for example a high average lifespan can end up being a real weakness, but the slow and continuous growth of individuals can cover up this drawback. At the moment, the only player who cannot be replaced is Shengelia, who in these first matches has shown her conviction to remain under the towers.

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