New larger acquisition by Kojima Productions, for Jeff Grubb –

New larger acquisition by Kojima Productions, for Jeff Grubb –

Let’s get back to the new famous question Obsession from Sony Playstation Studioswhich is one of the most common rumors of this period, with the usual Jeff Group to report on it It’s not Kojima Productions but something bigger.

The statement is taken from a recent podcast published by VentureBeat journalist and well-known insider in the world, although obviously this should also be considered just a rumour.

After confusion emerged about the possibility that Kojima Productions would be the next team that Sony would get for PlayStation Studios, then denied by Hideo Kojima himself (but some doubt may remain), too. Jeff Group It confirms that the new Sony purchase is not the team in question.

Summing up the question: In recent days, Sony has updated the PlayStation Studios banner to bring Death Stranding into its iconic games, sparking rumors of a possible acquisition of Kojima Productions among Sony’s first parties. Then it exploded when Hideo Kojima himself posted the same photo on Twitter, without any comment, only to correct it by claiming that his team would remain independent.

All of this leaves room for doubts and mysteries, in keeping with typical Kojima style, but according to Jeff Group, the new acquisition of Sony, which should be announced soon as mentioned recently with Greg Miller, was never Kojima Productions. Instead, it will be something “bigger” from the team in question, which is a very interesting detail given that Kojima’s studio certainly isn’t large but still stands out.

This led to more rumors and speculation, with the idea that it might be complete publisher As many have predicted for some time: among the most popular theories, there is the usual acquisition of Konami, Square Enix or other such brands, considering that, according to insiders, it will be a “huge” acquisition.

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