May 30, 2023

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Callisto Protocol, new visuals and Game Informer cover for sci-fi horror –

Callisto Protocol, image from the game

Callisto Protocol She is the hero of the new version of Game Informer, being a game coverage and an in-depth special theme that also includes two new themes Pictures For the intriguing and highly anticipated sci-fi horror from one of the dead space authors.

The magazine editors spoke with Glenn Scofield and other developers of Striking Distance Studios, the new team that the designer founded along with other industry veterans, in an interview that clearly focused entirely on the Callisto Protocol, which is about to represent the new event of great importance in the horror game field.

The kinship with Dead Space, which seems obvious given the approach of Schofield and the others, also emerges from the game’s characterization, as these two new images show.

Callisto Protocol, illustration
Callisto Protocol, illustration

It Horror in a science fiction environmentwhich blends technological elements, organic nightmares, and metaphysical elements into a truly disturbing mix, as fans of the late EA series know.

Callisto Protocol tells Date by Jacob Lee He struggles to explore a high-security prison in Callisto, Jupiter’s second largest moon, which contains untold horrors.

Callisto Protocol, custom cover by Game Informer
Callisto Protocol, custom cover by Game Informer

An official demo of the game should be coming soon, considering what’s been reported recently by the developers, unless they’re referring to a special Game Informer. They also claimed in recent days that the horror would be “frightening, dark, disturbing and unpleasant.”

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