What’s wrong with Roland Garros: doctors’ opinion

Playing in Paris would be dangerous for Yannick. Before the start of the Rome International, he said that “showing up unprepared for a Grand Slam with five-set matches could backfire.”

On the one hand, the desire to be on the field playing and fighting for a Grand Slam. On the other hand, due caution must be taken towards the injury which, if not treated perfectly, may lead to serious consequences. If Yannick Sinner’s heart tells him to travel to Paris to play Roland Garros, doctors and staff urge maximum caution. The hip injury is not thought to be serious, but due to the delicate nature of the joint, doctors urge caution. Jannik Sinner arrived on Friday afternoon at the J|Medical Center in Turin, Juventus’ medical center that provides athletes with excellent teams and equipment. Plus, of course, for maximum privacy. In recent days, and even on the weekend, the player has been working in the center with his staff. Exercises in the water and in the gym, with his physiotherapist Giacomo Naldi and sports coach Umberto Ferrara, who take care of his rehabilitation while waiting for Jannik to be able to play racket again.


The stay in Turin is scheduled to end on Wednesday, and after further tests and evaluations, the team will decide how to move to Paris. For now, the Italian No. 1 is likely to decide not to play the tournament on clay. He will risk arriving in Paris with little training, without being competitive enough and with the risk of not fully recovering. Novak Djokovic’s early exit will also allow Sinner to become world number one without playing. A goal that will be achieved if Nole does not reach the final of Roland Garros and Medvedev does not reach the final in Rome – a win in Paris is rather unlikely, especially in the second case. And at the press conference in Rome, when explaining his absence from the tournament, Sinner was already aware that if necessary, he would have a longer break: “We will carefully evaluate my condition, if I have to stop for a longer period.” I would love to play every day, every tournament, because I love tennis, but the season is long, and showing up unprepared for a Grand Slam with long five-set matches can backfire.

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This is what the specialists who dealt with the right hip would also say. Sinneritis may be a strong inflammation of traumatic origin, which must be carefully managed so that it does not become chronic and could harm his future plans. At 22 years old, 23 years old in August, there is plenty of time to stop long enough and not take risks dictated by haste. Sinner will not pick up a racket for a few days, and the decision on what to do at the French Slam will be made after the final tests in the middle of this week. Yannick will then try to practice on the pitch to see how the joint will react when he returns to pressing harder. If the team decides not to play at Roland Garros, the next match on the player’s calendar should be Halle, the grass tournament that precedes Wimbledon and begins on June 17.

Carlos goes

Meanwhile, for the sinner in the warehouse, there’s Carlos Alcaraz trying to start over. The Spanish world No. 3 was unable to benefit from the season on clay, where he defended many points. The problem in his right forearm forced him to miss the Masters 1000 tournament in Monte Carlo, which he did not play in 2023, but above all, it did not allow him to defend the Barcelona (ATP 500) and Madrid (Masters 1000) titles, nor did he play in international matches. After 12 days of treatment and working in the gym without using a racket, Alcaraz was seen on social media starting to hit some balls. Lots of caution and a bandage on the bumpy forearm to try and make a dash for Paris. There last year, he was damaged by convulsions that affected him in his highly anticipated semi-final match against then-tournament winner Novak Djokovic. Who will be the first to be healed?

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