PS5: Sony has updated sales and results data with highlights and shadows for the full year

PS5: Sony has updated sales and results data with highlights and shadows for the full year

Sony released them Financial report Relating to the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year ending on March 31, 2024, in which it disclosed the sale of additional quantities 4.5 million to PS5 Over three months, a total of 59.3 million units. The data is actually not very positive, considering that we are talking about 1.8 million fewer units compared to the same period of the previous year.

During theThe entire fiscal year However, the PS5 sold 1.7 million more units than last year, for a total of 20.8 million units. In short, these are numbers with lights and shadows, which show, on the one hand, the great public interest in the PS5 and, on the other hand, the slowdown in the recent period, which is what the monthly data for various markets have already recorded. It’s hard to pinpoint where the problem lies, whether it’s a lack of engaging games or a general weariness and distrust towards the console market.

Software sales growth

The PS5 and PS4 sell a lot of software

Other data provided by the report speaks of 118 million active users on the site PlayStation Network Over the entire fiscal year, which is 10 million more than the previous fiscal year’s 108 million.

In the most recent fiscal quarter, a total of 72.6 million software units were sold for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which is 4.6 million more than in the same period the previous year, which stood at 68 million. Titles the first side They sold 12.3 million units, which was 2.8 million more than the previous year, when they sold 9.5 million units.

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77% of software sold were full games purchased in digital format, resulting in a 7% increase over last year for this market segment. Briefly from point of view Software salesPlayStation saw net growth, likely due to its larger installed base. Recently, the driving force of Helldivers 2, which has been a huge success on both consoles and PC, must also be taken into account.

Only today Sony announced the appointment of two new executives at the helm of the group, who will set the direction for the future of the company and will try to further grow the sector.

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