The Champion: Liverpool – Real, the great final in Paris – live broadcast and photos – football

The Champion: Liverpool – Real, the great final in Paris – live broadcast and photos – football

At nine in the evening, the final match of the Champions League will be held at the Stade de France in Paris Liverpool – Real Madrid.

Klopp and Ancelotti are still ready to make history, from Benzema to Salah, from Man to Vinicius, it’s a special night.

liverpool vs real madrid match

Eve – Looking from the top steps of the Stade de France, you look east and you can see Bondi, where the Mbappe family lives. Inside the grand stadium of Saint-Denis, he coaches what will become his team, Real Madrid. In the eyes of Karim Benzema, the desire to take back the Cup (this would be the fourteenth time for the Spaniards, now at an astronomical distance from their followers) and the Golden Ball, which would almost certainly become inevitable. In contrast, in the eyes of Mohamed Salah, the memory of that mistake I made, in the 30 minutes of the first half of the final 4 years ago against Real (at that time it was still possible to play in Kyiv) the ruthless Sergio Ramos forced him to break out in tears . Then the Reds lost 3-1 and today Momo tweeted: “We have the result of shooting it.”

Liverpool and Real Madrid reached the Champions League Final 3/, and they did not unite each other as they did at the height of the season. Everyone remembers the second, that of Kiev, and a few of the first, 1981 which was always played here in Paris, at the Parco dei Principi: the English won a goal from Alan Kennedy and then celebrated it on a night that became legendary at the Moulin Rouge. This time, back to Paris even if it wasn’t expected: UEFA chose St Petersburg but had to change quickly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Today, L’Equipe reveals the main reasons for this choice: “Ceferin (Alexander, UEFA president, editor) did not want the meeting to take place at Wembley after the pressure put on UEFA by Boris Johnson – writes the French sports newspaper – on On the contrary, he especially appreciated that Emmanuel Macron was the first president to oppose the Superlega project.

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Jurgen Klopp seemed very focused and assertive last night: Real “a little favourite” for the experience, Thiago Alcantara and Fabinho regularly on the pitch and very clear thoughts about the war: “We will also play for Ukraine – as he said – because I am sure that in that land someone will be able And wanting to look at us. I’m glad that we’re playing in Paris and not in Saint Petersburg, I think Russia will understand the message: Life goes on, even when you try to destroy he-she.” There was also room for controversy, not with Real but with the new lawn that had just been laid at the Stade de France: “This is not good news, even if someone thinks so…”. Carlo Ancelotti, more calm and complacent than ever after his La Liga victory, accompanies his team to countless World Cups: “We deserved to be here, and the players deserve it for everything they did: if we also deserved to win: , the stadium of tomorrow.” To the French present he speaks above all about the great protagonist of this season and these heroes: “Karim Benzema has more personality today on and off the field but his quality has not changed, he is still at the top, nor is he. Humble”. A smile reminiscent of the one who celebrated his victory in the championship with a cigar in his mouth: “I’m really enjoying this year, my time with this club and these players. I enjoy it constantly.”

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