Because the Sinner's Australian Open is just the beginning. Because he is the hero we have been waiting for for half a century

Because the Sinner's Australian Open is just the beginning.  Because he is the hero we have been waiting for for half a century

Sinnerlandia is a land of possibilitiesthe place where everything is allowed if it touches dreams Jannik Siner's Magic Wand, the boy who was born to ski and transported to the valley by the beautiful drift of existence. The feat, the fifth Italian player in history to win a Grand Slam tournament (before him Nicola Pietrangeli, Adriano Panatta, Francesca Schiavone and Flavia Pennetta), was completed after 48 years.Great year Italian tennis (Rome and Paris signed by Panatta, Davis then invaded Chile during the Pinochet era: It was the year 76), the Australian Yannick is the Italian lying on the field, perhaps looking for an angel to thank him. “I looked up at the sky. I said to myself: I played a great game. You were in trouble and you pulled yourself up. I thought about the work it took to get here, the problems I had overcome, and my parents who left me free to choose who I would become.” He cried? No, the mountain forms a warm heart for you, but it freezes your emotions under the skin.

Here is the hero that Italy has been waiting for for almost half a century. He is 22 years old Worn with the seriousness of a veteran and the work ethic passed on to him by Hanspeter and Sieglinde, who until recently got up at 7 a.m. to go to work (cook and waitress) at the shelter in Val Fiscalina, there are few indications of his age (no tattoos, very clear thoughts, language Steeped in tennis vernacular, an “atomic extravaganza” that only escaped on the Fiorano track, when they had him test a Ferrari SF90 Spider), the innate grace to complete the collective task (Davis won in Malaga in November), and the 47-year wait. ) before turning towards healthy selfishness, as if the country's expectations came before his own, and it serves as a necessary passing message towards personal legend.

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Jannik Sinner became the king of the Australian Open after two perfect weeks until the semi-finals, an achievement that marked the beginning of the decline of top seed Novak Djokovic, who suffered a brutal elimination, and then to Daniil Medvedev for the title. (Disintegration in the street of the Russian army: Khachanov in the fourth round and Rublev in the quarter-finals) All the break points that he had not conceded up to that moment escaped his racket. A little physiological stress, he in his first major final and the Russian in his fifth, with two quick sets, the strength that enables him to plant himself in the middle of the court like a source of Dolomite, and finds in himself the will to suffer because the ice would never have required it for him. “In giant slalom, the match lasts a few minutes. You know when the match starts but not when it ends.”. He favored psychoanalysis of outdoor tennis over wide engagements. It seemed that a break against Medvedev in the second set was useless because the world number three led shortly after 2-0, already opening the first gap in his native Russia. Jannik has the advantage of believing in him, preferring, with enormous substance, the stubborn consumption of Medvedev's candle (lit for 20:33 minutes compared to the 14:44 minutes that the blue spent on the court) until the final extinguishing, with a forehand. Along the line (3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3), impressive control of the first Slam of his career (certainly not the last), the circumference that defines the immensity of the champions.

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There is a lot of talk – as well as chatter in bars, offices, on public transport, in the agora of our decadent age: social media – comparisons to the holy trinity of tennis, Djokovic – Nadal – Federer Mentioned in the strict main order (24-22-20), the isosceles triangle (Federer and Nadal are welded together like oxygen and hydrogen in the formula of water, the joker obsessed with the chase, even to complete it and go further) that dominated the court for fifteen years. In fact, far from Sinner's innate pragmatism, which rejects comparisons with the legend of Panatta (like him who rose to number four in the rankings), let alone the immortals, Jannik does nothing to reject them. In Davis he was the first to cancel out three match points against Joker, and in Melbourne no one denied the best break point, he overcame two sets of deficits like Borg in Paris 74, He is the first tennis player since 2014 to win the Australian Open without Djokovic, Nadal or Federer..

È Yannick Sinner from Val Pusteria, ItalyEven the dinosaur Rod Laver teases him: “Italian tennis is in good hands.” The Red Baron excites because it expands our dream. Sinnerlandia is destined for expansion.

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