What to do in Naples Tuesday November 1, 2022

What to do in Naples Tuesday November 1, 2022

A festive day dedicated to Halloween but also to the cult of the dead in Naples but also a perfect day for a long bridge into the city with many fun things to do between guided tours and walks outside the city

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festive day Dedicated to Halloween and the cult of the dead in Naples but also a perfect day to celebrate the city’s long bridge with many fun things to do between guided tours and walks out of town. Let’s see some of the many reports that have come to us.

Legend Lake

Morea will accompany you along the banks Animating Lake Averno, Since ancient times, it has been considered a gateway to the underworld, to discover the nature, various plants and animals of the region, myths, history and legends that have influenced this wonderful place in bright colors for centuries. Reservation is mandatory! Costs: 10€ for adults / 5€ for children from 6 to 13 years old – all information in 3281917307- [email protected]

Uànema: in Naples the great party with guided night tours and free concerts

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The other live festival called Uànema, the parade promoted by the Municipality of Naples for the beginning of November with many free events including Night visits, theater performances, concerts and film marathon To rediscover the cult of souls in Purgatory and the places where their memory is preserved in the city. Many events also on the 1st of November such as visits to The Santa Maria Delle Anime Del Purgatorio Museum Complex in Arco or in the Archaeological Complex of Santana di Lombardy And much more. More info Uànema Festival Other Neighborhoods

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In Naples on Halloween night at the Royal Palace

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Opening of a special evening in Naples for only 2 euros for the evening Monday, October 31, 2022 In the magnificent royal palace overlooking Piazza del Plebiscito. An extension of the ongoing event entitled “A Saturday as a King” which already offers, on some Saturday evenings in October and November 2022, the evening opening of the Royal Palace of Naples for only €2. For times and conditions Halloween at the royal palace

Private visit to Certosa di San Martino

Ph Facebook Certosa di San Martino

On the morning of the first Tuesday of November at 10.15 there will be a guided tour, organized by Megaride Art, to the beauty of Certosa di San Martino. The magnificent Certosa is one of the largest ancient religious complexes in the city And one of the most successful examples of Baroque architecture and art along with the Royal Chapel in the Treasure of San Gennaro, a place you can admire Many unusual works of Neapolitan painting of the seventeenth century. In the charterhouse there is almost One hundred halls, two churches, a courtyard, four chapels, three galleries, and hanging gardens. Guided tour with art historian with Megaride 12€ plus entrance ticket More information Visit Certosa di San Martino

Private openings and guided tours of the San Gennaro Treasure Museum

San Gennaro Treasure 2

Also on Tuesday November 1, 2022 Extraordinary evening slots with special eventswith exclusive access, for adults and children on the long weekend to the extraordinary Museum of Treasure in San Gennaro to enjoy the greatest treasure in the world after the treasure of the Crown of England. San Gennaro Treasure Museum

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Halloween at Longola Archaeological Park: Bronze Age Village near Pompeii

Longula Archaeological Nature Park

A special Halloween opening also on November 1, 2022, in the extraordinary Archaeological and Natural Park of Longola, in Poggiomarino near Pompeii. The site of Longola, managed for some time by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, is a real Bronze Age (15th-13th centuries BC) village identified by archaeologists as Venice 3500 years ago. more information Halloween in Longola

In Pompeii, Choco Italia’s great artisan chocolate festival is on tour

Chossy Italy Chocolate Festival 3

Ph Chocolate Choco Italia on tour

will close Tuesday November 1, 2022 Autumn phase of Chocolate Festival Choco Italy on tour in the middle Bartolo Longo Square in Pompeii Just a few steps from the Haram. Big tour festival, chocolate and handicraft market is dedicated to promotion and promotion Good Artisan Chocolate. Artisan Chocolate Festival

Chestnut Festival at Montella Igp in the heart of Alta Irpinia

From Monday October 31 at 6pm until Sunday November 6, 2022 the great party will take place in Montella, in Alta Irpinia Chestnut Festival in Montella Igp With many excellent local food and wine products and delicious Montella chestnuts that have earned Protected Geographical Recognition (PGI). A party that will go on uninterrupted all week with a food and wine tour that wraps around Piazza Bartoli in the historic center of Montella.Chestnut Festival in Montella Igp

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