In the millennium trees a cosmic catastrophe spy

In the millennium trees a cosmic catastrophe spy

The first sign dates back to a few years ago, when a Japanese research group discovered, in the growth rings of millennium trees, traces of a great cosmic event that occurred in 774-775 AD known as the Miyake event, possibly the bombing. from a large amount of particles coming from the sun. In particular, it has been noted that rings dating back to about 1500 years ago in many millennial trees are obvious traces of a high concentration of carbon-14. Traces, according to several studies, may be due to a very strong solar flare, that is, the expulsion of large amounts of Energetic particles that strike the Earth’s atmosphere, producing a significant increase in carbon-14 and other isotopes, such as beryllium-10.

By carefully analyzing the growth cycles of many trees, researchers have now attempted to reconstruct the history of other similar events that occurred in the last 10,000 years, and the conclusions question the fact that single violent flares produced these anomalies: We’re aiming for some kind of astrophysical storm or explosion.” The researchers are unable to pinpoint a phenomenon responsible for events like that of Miyake but “on the basis of the available data – Pope added – there is a 1% chance of seeing another within the next decade”.

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