What Milan risks – Libero Quotidiano

What Milan risks – Libero Quotidiano

strategy Milan From Furlani And Moncada Intrigues Director Of Sports CourierAnd Ivan Zazaroniwhich speaks in its editorial of “something revolutionary but also… very dangerousHis feeling is that the names associated with the Rossoneri – Polisik, Musa, Kamada, SkamakaAnd Fresinda, Regenders And chowkies – Make the devil un Sassuolo “Anabolic”, that is, a large company focused on trading, buying talented young people, whose cost rarely exceeds them 25 million, to be appraised and possibly resold at double the price after one or more seasons. heir to Ivan Gazidis, Giorgio ForlaniThe 44-year-old, formerly of Lehman Brothers, Silver Point Capital and Apollo, is a very valuable manager, moreover a huge fan of Milan (since birth) and staunch anti-Inter.

Here is the Italian team in the Champions League final: Pompa-Zazzarrone

Zazzaroni: “Moncada-Forlani respects the Cardinal’s implications”

Rossoneri in this market are coordinated by Jeffrey Moncada, 37, more than Giovanni Manna, dis Juve, who specializes in scouting. While Giorgio Forlani, 44, ex Lehman BrothersSilver Point Capital and Apollo, “a very valuable manager, moreover a huge fan of Milan (since birth)” and fiercely anti-Inter, “Zazzaroni knows him.” Jerry Cardinalewho must not have taken into account the risks involved in such a project, Zazaroni commented.

Now kick out Simone Inzaghi!: Inter, the tsunami-zazaroni has been unleashed

Zazaroni: Milan is noble, but the administration must be careful…

But if the Rossoneri project in Sassuolo styleHe sees the sporting director Carnevale doing what he does without media pressure or fans. Milan is “noble in world football, the most famous abroad, has an exceptional and very present fan base and has an obligation to strive for the sporting title – I conclude – I appreciate the good intentions of the new administration.” insolubleHowever, I try to warn him of the possible effects of an anomalous campaign for a major club, even if it is attentive to the technical contents.

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Shocking: Bioli's gift to Inzaji.  Milan to hell, whoever falls coach Rossoneri

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