The Women’s Volleyball Olympic Qualifiers are now live

The Women’s Volleyball Olympic Qualifiers are now live

Lodz (Poland)After winning over South Korea, Slovenia and Thailand, Italy women’s coach Davide Mazzanti finds the game poker against Colombia In qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics: the Italians won (with many substitutions) 3-0 (25-15, 25-20, 25-20). Now Italy will compete to reach the Games against the United States, Germany and Poland. Reread the statements and recall what happened direct From the match…

1.42 pm

Coach Mazzanti: “Now head to the United States”

David Mazzanti spoke this way After the victory over Colombia: “We played well in the first set but then we slowed down a bit. I confess Italy coach. This produced a match that was more tiring than it could have been. The pace dropped at the break although we were aware that this could have been a match where it would not have been easy to maintain a consistent pace. Now comes the decisive stage of this tournament, which we will be able to prepare for by enjoying half a day between rest and work in the gym. “We will face the USA, a team with many strengths that we will have to be good at containing in order to bring home an important weighted challenge.”

1.28 pm

Italy – Colombia 3-0

Italy-Colombia 3-0 (25-15; 25-20; 25-20)
Italy: Sella 1, Squarcini 5, Nuacalor S 11, Villani 16, Lupian 14, Bosio 2, Barocciali (L), Ginnari, Antropova 2, Degradi 10, no: Danisi, Noakalor L, Petrini, Vercino (left). All. Mazzanti
Colombia: Maria Alejandra 1, Ana Karina 9, Sheila 1, Diana 7, Amanda 15, Mayra 1, Juliana (left), Doris, Laura, Laura Z.. no: Sophia, Camila, Montoya, Catherine. All.Rizola
the reviewer: Yuri Ramirez Ortiz (Dom) and Taghreed Khattab (Egypt)
Set duration: 19′, 22′, 25′ (total 1 hour 06 minutes).
Numbers – Italy: A9, SC12, M7, et al.21. Colombia: A1, SC4, M4, et al22.

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12.59 pm

Next match for the Italians.

Italy will play its next match against the United States on Saturday.

12.55 pm

The final result

Italy ended the matter by defeating Colombia in three sets: 25-15, 25-20, 25-20.

12.48 pm

Italy ended the match by winning the third group as well

Italy also won the third set 25-20 and concluded the match 3-0.

12.46 pm

Lupyan takes us 23-19

A brilliant first half from Le Piane made the Italians 23-19.

12.44 pm

Fellaini takes us 21-18 with a header

Italy are still at +3, after Fellaini hit a drop shot to make it 21-18.

12.41 pm

Colombia narrows the gap: Italy leads 18-16

Colombia does not give up, and Italy now leads 18-16.

12.39 pm

Italy moves to +4: 17-13

An error by the Colombians and Italy lead 17-13.

12.38 pm

Italy moves to +3 with Noacalor

The Italians expand their lead with Noacalor: 15-12

12.36 pm

Italy leads again: 12-11

Block from Lupien on Cuneo: Italy leads again, 12-11.

12.34 pm

Back and forth between Italy and Colombia: 11-11

Now the balance is great, the score is 11-11.

12.33 pm

Here it is Italy again: 9-9

Nuacalor and Segovia level the score at 9-9.

12.32 pm

Colombia increased its lead by going 9-7

There are now 5 points in a row for the Colombians who move up to +2.


Three straight points for Colombia: 7-7

Columbia responds, with three straight points, leading 7-7.

12.28 pm

Italy +3 with a crushing blow from Lupyan

A wonderful ace from Lupyan, which raises the score to 7-4.

12.25 pm

Italy comes back to lead 4-2

Immediate response from Italy, which led 4-2.

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12.24 pm

The beginning of the third group: Colombia gets the first point

We start with the third group and in this case it is also Colombia that leads 1-0.

12.19 pm

The second group for Italy: 2-0

With a crushing strike from Lupyan, Italy took a 2-0 lead.

12.16 pm

Italy flies to +4 with a block on Coneo

Another block from the Italians, who fly to 21-17.

12.12 noon

Squarcini’s mass is 18-15

Squarcini takes it 18-15 with a block.

12.11 pm

He managed to extend the time-out for Italy and Colombia

The Italians lead 17-15 and the Colombian coach calls a new time-out.


Fellaini finds the tenth point of the match: 14-13

The tenth point for Fellani and Italy leads 14-13

12.07 pm

Overtaking Italy: 13-12 over Colombia

Fellaini and Bosio put the Italians back in front, now 13-12

12.07 pm

Colombia is advancing, but Italy is not surrendering

A mass of Italians makes it 12-11 in favor of Colombia.


Back and forth continues: 9-9

The balance is still great, and the score is 9-9.

12.01 pm

A more balanced second set: overcoming Colombia 7-6

Three straight points for Columbia, which leads 7-6.


Noacalor raises Italy to 4-3

Italy won the parallel from Noakalur with a score of 4-3.


Italy turns the score around and leads 2-1

Nuacalor and a mistake by Segovia made Italy lead 2-1.


The beginning of the second set: the first point for Colombia

The first point of the second group goes to Colombia with Ospino.


The first set for Italy: 25-15

Villani concludes the first group, which Italy won 25-15.

11.48 am

21-11 to Italy: 10 points away

Italy takes off with an ace from Antropova to pull away by 10 points: 21-11.

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11.45 am

Italy flies to +9 to lead 16-7

The Italian team has complete control over the match. Now 16-7.

11.41 am

Noacalure leads the Italians to 11-5

Italy always maintained a good margin of advantage, reaching 11-5 with a successful Nuakalor counterattack.


Italy extends the score 7-2, time-out for Colombia

The Italians are flying 7-2, and the Colombian coach calls the girls towards him for a time-out, reminding them that they are playing against “the strongest team in the world.”

11.35 am

A good start for the Italians

After an ace from the Colombians with Marin, the Italians took a 4-1 lead.


The game has started

Here we are, the Italy-Colombia match begins.


Formation of Italy

This is the first hexagram of Italy (with many changes): Bosio, Nuacalore, Villani, Sella, Squarcini, Lupian and Barrocciali.


National anthem

Participating teams take the field for the national anthem.

11.23 am

Qualification criteria

In addition to the top two seeds, other access to games will be determined by seeding. Continents where teams have not yet qualified will have priority.


Status in the world rankings

At the moment, in Group C, Italy, USA and Poland are leading with 3 wins and 9 points. Germany followed in fourth place with 3 wins and 8 points, while the rest of the teams were eliminated from the competition. Only the top two qualify.

11:00 am

Match time

The match between Italy and Colombia will take place at 11:30 Lodz time, Poland. The match can be watched on television and broadcast on Sky, SkyGo, Now and Volleyball World TV.

Lodz (Poland)

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