Report on Napoli: He was injured in training: Calzona is worried

Report on Napoli: He was injured in training: Calzona is worried

News arrives from Konami's training center in Castel Volturno regarding the condition of Khvicha Kvaratskhelia awaiting the match against Monza.

Finding the motivation and anger in these recent matches, from the moment the mirage of the Champions League became an impossible task, is certainly complicated. Heavy defeat 3-0 in the direct confrontation on Saturday againstAtalanta It's another blow to the morale of a team that has had difficulty repeating itself this season, thanks to the inadequate choices made at the dawn of this cursed year. The goal, however, as he asserted himself Francesco Calzonais to conclude this season with dignity, with the task of avoiding further mistakes and securing at least a place for the next season. European League.

To do this, we will definitely need the best version of the blue team, perhaps with help Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Who helplessly witnessed the men's victory against Atalanta Gian Piero Gasperini. He is recovering from a muscle problem he suffered in their match Georgia H GreeceNumber 77 is trying to keep the first leg in mind Monza. Meanwhile, news of his condition arrives from Castel Volturno in the usual daily report of the morning session on the orders of Mister Calzona.

Training report, Kafara's condition, and the new injury

After the training held this morning at Konami's training center in Castel Volturno, Napoli announced the latest developments regarding Khvicha in a press release. Kvaratskheliawho is recovering from muscle pain that kept him out of playing against Atalanta.

There is no good news from Castel Volturno regarding the calzone. In addition to Kvaratskhelia as well Ngong was forced to miss training with the team. The Belgian left the field after a Blunt trauma to the left thigh.

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N'Gong stops training: Calzona is worried (La Presse) –

Below is Napoli's press release:

Napoli trained this morning at the SSCN Konami Training Center.

The Azzurri team is preparing for the match against Monza scheduled at the U Power Stadium on Sunday at 3 pm in the 31st round of the Italian League.

The team trained on Pitch 2 and began the practice with refresher exercises aimed at controlling the ball.

After that, the team conducted a tactical technical work and played a final match.

Kvaratskhelia did a custom job on the field. Ngong left the session early due to a severe injury to his left thigh.

Source: SSC Naples

A few days before the match against Monza, Calzona may have to play again Raspadori on the left wing After Ngong's injury.

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