New discovery hallucinating

New discovery hallucinating

This find belongs to the depths of the sea floor. These samples are named OsidaxIn Latin, “eaters of bones”. Let’s delve into the apocalyptic question.

Fossil (PublicDomainPictures Image from Pixabay)

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The activity of these worms has been traced to the depths of the ocean abyss where female specimens of the species feed skeletons from others dead animals.

These creatures were actually identified once in 2000, when they were during an expedition in California A remote-controlled car was found near a skeleton in whale decompositionThis is a swarm of marine worms.

Bone-eating worms: the horrific secrets of the ocean floor

Worms eat the bones of the bottom
Wallpaper (PublicDomainPictures Image from Pixabay)

The female Osidax They live intertwined with other males throughout their lives. The name, newly attributed, is derived from Latin and literally means “bone eaterThese animals, incorrectly defined as worms, because worms have no appearance at all, are very severe very old.

These creatures, sometimes ironically referred to as “zombie worms”, live at a depth of 3,000 meters and are currently at least 30 species. Two new organisms were recently discovered and observed The Gulf Of Mexico And in the waters new Zeland (Two in each).

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Marine biologists wonder how there could be organisms capable of decomposing bones. The answer was found in the fossil skeleton of a century-old Plesiosaur that had holes in the surface. Thus, the discovery of fossils testifies to the existence of these Living creatures of the Cretaceous periodthe last stage of life Mesozoic.

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The punching mechanism may consist in releasing a file able acid erosion of the bone surface. However, this special ability is typical only for females, the only specimens visible with the naked eye. These live surrounded by males who bond with them in anticipation of Fertilization and reproduction.

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The number of males of females that circle the Osedax is huge. Biologists still can’t understand how female specimens do this locating corpses Bones that feed on them. The hypothesis, not confirmed, is that the length and width of moles move backgrounds until you meet them.

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