They’re launching a free at-home HIV self-test that gives results in 20 minutes.

They’re launching a free at-home HIV self-test that gives results in 20 minutes.

They’re launching a free at-home HIV self-test that gives results in 20 minutes.Mark Marty Font

48.6% of new diagnoses of the disease HIV A Spain In 2023, they were delayed and 7.5% of those infected with the disease do not know that they have this infection. Ministry of Health and SisidaThe State Coordinator for HIV and AIDS began New free self-diagnosis service HIV at home. The goal is to make HIV testing more accessible, allowing anyone to get it. ExamCompletely confidential, at the place and time you prefer. Sanitat points out that the process of obtaining it is easy and simple.

Once you reach enVIHos web page.Interested person should reply to A Anonymous survey Simple, information is collected to understand the motivation for taking the test through this platform, after which, you must indicate the address where you want to receive the test. After that, one of the partner pharmacies will send the test to the indicated address within a period ofBetween 3 and 5 days.

Once the guide is received, the user has Cesida resources, which, through a Information card Included with submitting the self-test, it explains what to do if the test reacts and how you can seek help and receive support from authorities throughout this process.

The test consists of a self-diagnostic kit designed to detect the presence of HIV. Without the need for health knowledge Previews can be of two types. The first is the one saliva test:A sample of oral fluid is collected. II. puncture test:A blood sample is collected. Both tests provide results only. 20 minutesUsers must follow the specific instructions and recommendations included with the product to ensure accurate results.

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To ensure everyone has access to self-testing, a limit of four free tests per person per year has been set. The initiative explains: Ministry of HealthIt seeks to remove barriers to access to HIV testing in areas without community resources, facilitate rapid diagnosis and promote public health.

Pharmacy offices

The coordination of the agreement depends on HIV, STD, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis Control Department Affiliated to the Ministry, which acts as a link between manufacturers of self-diagnostic products, distribution companies and pharmacy offices.

The department he leads Monica Garcia It is hoped that after the good results derived from the implementation of the agreement, it can be extended until the end of 2026 and the collaboration can be expanded to include different pharmacies throughout Spain in order to reduce the undiagnosed portion of HIV to less than 5%.

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