What happens to the body if you mix beer and wine: scientific answers, madness

What happens to the body if you mix beer and wine: scientific answers, madness

Wine and beer What happens to the body when they are drunk together? The ultimate answer comes from science.

consumption spirits It will be limited, unfortunately alcohol is a harmful substance for our body but not all alcohol is the same.

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it is known that vintage It has some properties and that if drunk in moderation it has beneficial effects on our body but the consumption of this drink should be moderate. It is really high Not recommended Drink alcohol of any kind every day. One may also wonder about the effect of mixing alcohol on our bodies. On special occasions, it may happen that you drink more than one alcoholic beverage in the same evening, for example.

Even if someone prefers to drink only one alcoholic beverage, others may be less selective and can mix up Wine, beer and various cocktails. This obviously has implications for our bodies and it is bound to be the case. In fact, mixing alcohol is wrong.

Alcohol mixes all of the effects on our bodies

Mixing different spirits is a mistake Which to avoid actually puts you at greater risk of discomfort. It would also be necessary that I never drink alcohol.


For example, if you start having dinner with vintageYou must continue to drink a drink that has more or less the same alcohol content or you risk getting severely ill. However, sometimes, mixing of different spirits would occur within a few hours. Cambridge University wanted to see more clearly starting with the famous legend We should start with one beer Before moving on to wine, gradually increase the alcohol content. For this reason, the researchers analyzed 90 volunteers between the ages of 19 and 40 and divided them into groups.

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Once the three are formed groups The former drank a pint and a half of beer and then four glasses of wine, the latter instead having to drink first four glasses of wine and then two and a half glasses. On the other hand, third parties were given only wine or only beer. After taking the test, the volunteers rated their level from 0 to 10 Sugar In none of the cases was anyone in the group more drunk than the others and they all showed the same hangover symptoms.


From experience it is appeared That mixing beer and wine would be the same for the body and would not put one at greater risk of getting drunk.

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