For the first time in Calabria the International Conference on Cyber ​​Science and Technology

For the first time in Calabria the International Conference on Cyber ​​Science and Technology

From Franco Bartucci – It will be held from September 12 to 15, at the Eurolido Hotel in Valerna, Los Angeles International Conference Iee CyberSciTech / PICom / DASC / CDBCom 2022 which witnesses the organizational participation of the professor. Giancarlo Fortino From the University of Calabria, where the master’s post will also be seen Gianfranco Fasano Who will present his book at 8 pm on the 14th of September I likeentertaining the conference participants with a concert from his collection of songs.

The conference is acquiring at this very moment an extraordinary and significant importance, in light of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the global epidemiological situation that has slowed free movement and ongoing discussions about the global economic and financial situation, in order to discuss progressive regimes, about 150 scientists and researchers of different nationalities will gather From all over the world to assess the situation on this topic.

The scientific program of the conference directed by a. Giancarlo Fortino of Unical, unfolds in six public sessions, 24 regular, six private, 12 workshops, and two round tables. In particular, during the six plenary sessions (, six key scholars will present important “talks” on “hot” topics ranging from mobility issues (Professor Zhou from NJIT-USA) and security (Professor Conte of the University of Padova) in IoT systems, wearable robotics (Professor Masia of the University of Heidelberg) and diffuse intelligence (Professor Aumecini del University of Bologna), up to the new frontiers of cloud computing (Prof. Buyya, of the University of Melbourne), the metaverse (Prof. Dr. Martino, of IBM-USA) and autonomous vehicles (Professor Fanti del Poliba).

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Regular and special sessions and workshops include 190 articles produced by more than 500 authors from 56 different countries around the world. The topics are very diverse and fall into four broad categories: cyber-physical systems, pervasive artificial intelligence systems, secure and autonomous distributed computing, and cloud- and edge-based computing.

Finally, the round tables will address two topics that have a major impact in the medical field and in the field of smart factories: AI-based radioscience and cyberspace systems of the future.

the professor. Fortino, who is among the most cited computer science researchers in the context of conference topics, stated: “The richness and relevance of the topics covered place the event among the most important conferences on the national and international scene for 2022. Moreover, the topics covered, in particular The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, IT Systems Security, and Industry 4.0 are fully compatible with the Pnrr projects in which the University of Calabria participates: Innovation Ecosystems – Tech4You Project, and Extended Partnerships, particularly AI and Cyber ​​Security.”

Regarding the participation of Maestro Gianfranco Fasano, who will present his book “Ayo Ammo” at 8.00 pm on September 14, followed by his concert, his presence will be a way to tell himself, his career path of poetic songs that entered the musical history of our country.

It will be a real journey between different eras, through social changes that have also imposed different ways of listening to music, without depriving us of the pleasure of living in it. Maestro Fasano is the author of the other great successes of Italian pop music: from “I miss you” to me “I will leave youFrom “give me a smile” to me “sinner” Runs through great Zecchino d’Oro classics like “drop by drop”, Catalicamillo, “The Tadpole Hymn”,Up to cartoon themes like “small heart problems And the “Rosana”The dominant idea is always one: love.

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for the first time Gianfranco Fasano With his book, he relives his long career made up of amazing background stories and important encounters with his song artists (Bruno Luzi, Mina, Mia Martini, Massimo Ranieri, Franco Califano, Eva Zaniecki, Fausto Layali, Al Bano and many more) and unusual discoveries such as Ignacio Pochetto and Gianluca Ginobel (FlightAn incredible story that reveals the secrets and facts of our music in a thrilling and emotional read to the last page.

The conference will start on the morning of Monday 12 September with the greetings of the President of the University of Calabria and the directors of the companies that promoted the scientific and cultural event with the musical space of Maestro Gianfranco Fasano at the centre. Therefore, the participation of operators in the world of information is welcome for comprehensive in-depth services. (php)

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