National Geographic Fest 2021, in Milan from November 6-12: Climate, environment, science and even dinosaurs. All guests and program

Scientists must be skeptical, demand evidence and stay Objectives: The Climate change It is real and we are the reason.” This is the motto National Geographic Which opens in Milan on the date National Geographic Festival 2021: from From 6 to 12 November, The CityLife Anteo e CityLife Shopping District, A week of meetings to talk about policies to combat environmental degradation and promote planet who hosts us and their amazing resources. There will be more 35 appointmentsAnd 7 offers and 3 initial offers With More than 45 guests National and international, face to face and online.

The festival was born with the intention of impressing one new sensitivity towards the environment. Effects analysis environmental crisis, The green revolution and good practices for protect the earth They will actually be at the center of the discussions, broadcast live on The heroes will be National Geographic Explorer, Scientists, researchers, ecologists and storytellers who are able to identify Challenges of our time and make it promoters of new solutions. Among them is a paleontologist Federico Fante, researcher and writer Michael Mann and Jill Tiefenthaler – First woman CEO of the National Geographic Society –Tom Szaki – from just 19 years Establish a recycling company TerraCycl –And the photojournalist Nadia Shira Koh.

The program is divided into four sections and is designed to include a series of professional versatility. On the one hand, National Geographic explorers and photographers Who will tell about their mission, h Green generation youthWelcome to share stories Commitment and innovation that characterizes the new green wave. On the other hand, Guests of institutions and private companies, ready to locate Challenges and opportunities that our societies have to address in terms of the environment, and finally i green captain Large companies that will participate in private sessions represented by them Sustainability vision.

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file preview to become a costo (Original title), an exceptional documentary with a post 550 raw From unpublished and archival material on the life of the explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Coming soon on Disney+. But also the original production of National Geographic Dinosaur Hunter: Great Britain Mission, which, among legends, science and great personalities, tell the history and secrets of paleontology. The documentary will be broadcast soon National GeographicC (Heaven, 407). It will then be checked Rescue, which through exclusive interviews and unpublished materials tells the heroic rescue of 2018 12 boys Their coach is trapped in a flooded cave Thailand. mark Disney + Day – Global Celebration of Thanks to Streaming Platform Subscribers – On Friday 12th November, the Pixar short . Animation will be shown Hi AlbertoDisney comedy + adventure Home Sweet Home Alone – Mom, I missed the plane The second season of the National Geographic Disney + original series The world according to Jeff Goldblum.

The National Geographic Festival 2021 he has Sardinia Tourism Come main sponsor, Ener2crowdAnd FNMAnd Costa CroisierAnd sassAnd JakalaAnd CNH Industrial, CityLife Shopping District Come sponsor, urban vision NS Radio Capital As a media partner and is produced by Prode Group.

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