Science explains why socks mismatch

Science explains why socks mismatch

Who hasn’t found a sock after washing? There have been many theories about Socks disappearing in the washing machine.

Some say they will Under the porthole rubber or stuck in the filterWorld Health Organization Shredded in the drain pipewho in the metaverse, then in the washer.

The fact is that it often happens that a sock cannot be found. But now there isFor information He helps us and there will be one Equation Which explains why vanishement.

until a Scientists team was contracted with a Well-known brand of washing machines to build L.The avatar that never makes socks disappear again And it seems they succeeded.

The formula is calledsock loss indicatorand it took them to formulate it different indications and that is number of family membersThe The number of socks in the wash and their size.

formula that depends onStocking loss indicator he is: (L(pxf) + C(TXs)) – (P×A). What was discovered, however, is that The main reasons for the disappearance they were Due to socks falling behind the wall heater or under the furniture or one wrong pairing of socks at that time wash.

Based on these results, it was developed next Four other psychological practices but l Reduce the loss of socks:

visual awareness: A greater interest in finding lost socks, searching for them even in places where you don’t think they will end up.

confirmation bias: If we convince ourselves that there will be no stockings like no other, we will cease to find them.

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the responsibilityFocus more when loading and unloading the washing machine.

Collection of mismatched socks When they are on the floor they pay more attention to their position in the tray.

Can we call it a common sense formula?

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