The mobile phone in the car, finally you can: use this trick and no one will be able to tell you anything | Everyone already does

The mobile phone in the car, finally you can: use this trick and no one will be able to tell you anything |  Everyone already does

The smartphone has now become a tool that we absolutely cannot do without. Unfortunately, using it without earbuds or without the necessary precautions is strictly prohibited by highway code while driving, so it is important to have the right accessories to use it. However, many have discovered a very interesting way to continue using their mobile phone while driving, let’s see it together …

About ten years ago, the so-called smartphones or our beloved smartphones completely revolutionized our lives. Indeed, before the arrival of these integrated devices, we needed various technological gadgets that had the ability to offer only one function.

So before today’s phones, we all had our own MP3 files for example, which were used exclusively for listening to music. Instead, for the navigator there was a tom-tom, which can only be found on the most technologically advanced cars. And obviously before our mobile phone cameras, if we had to immortalize an important moment we would have needed a camera or a video camera.

In short, smartphones have solved some problems but also created many others. In fact, since we practically spend many hours a day with our eyes fixed on the small screens of our phones, many activities have become dangerous as well. Obviously, one of those is definitely driving a car that requires your undivided attention at all times.

Here’s how to use your phone in your car, you’ll never get caught

Moreover, the Highway Code regulates these cases described in Article 173 in a very harsh way.In fact, according to the rules, the penalty to be imposed can range from 165 euros to a maximum of 661 euros.

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Article 173, second paragraph, also stipulates that it is completely forbidden to use any electronic device such as cordless phones, smartphones, laptop computers, laptops, tablets, and all devices that involve removing hands from the steering wheel, even temporarily.

Improper use of mobile phones while driving has already caused many accidents on our roads and therefore it is necessary to follow the established rules carefully. However, some can’t help but use their smartphone while driving, thus there are solutions that can help you…

In fact, there are many devices that allow you to keep your smartphone firmly in place, on the dashboard, in order to allow you to drive comfortably and safely. In fact, in online stores it is possible to buy adhesive patches that allow you to keep your smartphone in a position that is easily accessible to both hands and eyes.

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