Driving in an SUV under €10,000: Here are the things you should buy today

Driving in an SUV under €10,000: Here are the things you should buy today

List of SUVs that would make anyone’s fortune. The great opportunities to secure a sports and compact car in the car market.

a lot motorists They were attracted to put forward the so-called SUV. In other words, a compact crossover, with a sporty engine but with comfortable and imposing dimensions, which could represent an ideal choice for those who use the car a lot.

The best and cheapest SUVs – Mondofuoristrada.it

There are many types of SUV Currently for sale. All is well cars factory Self-respect launched this type of car in an effort to meet the needs of the market and consumers.

But buying a suitable, comfortable and significant performance SUV is often one of them Expenses Far from simple to deal with. However, if you evaluate the used market, you can find models of this class of cars Very affordable to anyone.

The 6 Types of Used SUVs for Less: You Save Big!

When browsing the web, it’s not unusual to find offers for used SUVs from a few years ago that can also be purchased For less than 8-10 thousand euros. Silly characters for cars that feature high-quality performance and first-class design.

The first form is Born Cobra; The Spanish electric car based on the Volkswagen ID.3 platform. The SUV in question displays an aggressive front end and an electronically controlled suspension, designed to improve the driving experience. car from 35 thousand euros Which can be found used at very affordable prices.

Cobra boy
Born Cobra – Mondofuoristrada.it

or the Hyundai Kona; A new version of the already sought-after compact crossover, this South Korean SUV features several improvements, including slimmer headlights and reinforced bumpers and sides. The interior of the car has been completely redesigned. The car that is worth starting with 22 thousand euros.

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Find used offers on the web regarding Nissan Qashqai, and one of the first successful SUVs around. The third generation updates the compact crossover with some significant changes. Such as increased interior space and a larger trunk capacity, equal to approximately 500 liters. The car has been completely redesigned with a new platform. initial value of 27 thousand euros.

Starts from 22 thousand euros And it can reach, as used or zero kilometer, for much less, even there Opel Mokka. This is a front-wheel drive mini-crossover, 415 cm long, which uses the mechanics of the Peugeot 208 and 2008 and has a new configuration compared to the previous model.

Opel Mokka
Opel Mokka – Mondofuoristrada.it

Then there is the method Peugeot 3008An SUV with an enviable chassis. The latest version features the introduction of subtle vertical daytime running lights, and in the cabin, which features new customization options, such as wood trim, and an improved multimedia system. value from 33 thousand euros But also available for under ten depending on use.

Finally, the last tip concerns a classic Asian car. there Toyota Yaris Cross, or the evolution of the Yaris SUV. The design has a sporty look, emphasized by the sloping windshield line and rear window, muscular sides and distinctive features that suggest ruggedness. Starts from 27 thousand euros But there is no shortage of great opportunities for this model.

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