Sabadell: Do you cooperate or compete? – Terrassa newspaper

Sabadell: Do you cooperate or compete?  – Terrassa newspaper

The printed design of the legendary shirt of The invisible city It shows two athletes rowing in the same direction. But in the water reversal, everyone kicks the shovel in the opposite direction. Do you cooperate or compete?

In light of the traditional rivalry between Terrassa and Sabadell, it seems that the cultural sector has decided to cooperate. In the coming months, dozens of artists from Ijaran are scheduled to participate in the events organized under the umbrella Catalan Capital of Culture 2024.

Filio Formosa

Perhaps the most important event is the poet's tribute Filio Formosawho lived in Terrassa for three decades (arriving there in 1967) and was a teacher inTheater Institute In Carrer de la Rasa between 1975 and 2000.

Formosa (who will soon be 90 and lives in Igualada) will be honored very soon. Specifically next February 8, with a dramatic reading of the novel “La Cantante barbuda” by Formosa himself and Joan Casas. Among the voices that will be read is Terracink's Mikel Malafremusician and actor.

Long's friends

The musician El “Llongue”, who has maintained many friendships and artistic collaborations with Terrassa, will be honored. In fact, in the tribute album published shortly before Christmas, the album “Els teus amics”, three people close to “Llongue” participate: the Terrassencs team. Lithuanian, Nuno Garcia Duran I Mikel Bujado.

The tribute is called “Wake Me Up When Spring Comes” and various musicians will perform some songs from “Longue” live, including songs from the album “Els teus amics.”

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“The road to Gosin”

As for the world of cinema, the director is from Terrace Eloy Calvo Campos His documentary film, “The Road to Gosin,” will be shown next Sunday, February 18, as part of the conference The seventh film session about deportation to Nazi camps. Finally, the director himself will participate in a discussion with the audience.

In the field of children's programs, the Circus Company from Terrace Test Tube He will participate in the Capital of Culture 2024 with a series of circus formations. Training will take place on Saturday mornings, March 16, April 20, May 25, and June 1.

Urban painters

From the world of plastic arts, the Terras delegation will be the delegation of cartoonists participating in the exhibition 7th Meeting of Urban Painters of CataloniaWhich will be held on Saturday, April 13 (at the Sabadell Art Museum). Likewise, from the musical section, there will be different people from Terras participating in the programming of the Cultural Capital 2024.

Terrassa Orchestra 48

Initially, the Terrassa 48 chamber orchestra will perform the concert “With the Queen's permission”, as part of its chamber music cycle. Next week will be: Friday, February 9th (Main theatre, 20 hours). Secondly, already in MarchValles Symphony Orchestra The concert will present “The Passion According to Saint John.”

The capital's cultural program was coordinated by the writer from Sabadell Montse BarderieBut he did so alongside the head of the culture department of the Sabadell City Council, Terracín. Giordina Ponti.

However, the cooperation of Terrasse did not include implicit recognition of the capital of Valais. Only the honorary (and temporary) title of Capital of Culture, which the state grants to it throughout 2024.

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Whatever the case, the cultural capital will throw a wonderful coming out party with theatre, music, circus, dance, popular culture and visual arts, next February 24.

Sabadell: Do you cooperate or compete?

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