Rejoice social networks. Super guest Emma Maroney

Rejoice social networks.  Super guest Emma Maroney

one episode of Semi-finalsHe’s back tonight on Channel 5 Friends 22 for the seventh episode. Although there are rumors in these hours about the positivity of two students, which have not yet been denied, the episode will be broadcast regularly because it was already recorded on Thursday.

Covid in Amici 22: two students are positive, bets are at risk? Here’s what happens

Friends of the seventh episode: Social networking sites celebrate the new judiciary. Super Host Emma

Friends 2022, Wax is the son of an artist: his brother is a singer, and his mother is a famous artist. But it is yellow on the name


The countdown has begun, the final is approaching, and seven students are still chasing the win:
Angelina, Krika, and Madalena for the Kokarini / Emmanuelle Lu team
Aaron and Isobel for Team Zerby/Celentano
and Wax and Mattia for the Arisa/Todaro team.

If you don’t want to get spoilers about what’s going to happen during tonight’s live stream, we recommend you don’t go ahead and read on.

Spoilers warning

Thanks to the previews provided by the Amici News Twitter account, we can tell you that the first heat is the team of Zerbi-Celentano, which challenges and conquers the team of Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo. Singer Kreika is in danger.

In heat two he challenges Zerbe-Celentano and loses to Team Arisa-Todaro. Singer Aaron is in danger of being disqualified.

In the third round, Arisa and Raimundo also beat the Coccarine-Emmanuel Lo team, still having the upper hand. Dancer Maddalena is in danger.

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So the final ballot is between Krika, Araron and Madalena. The ballerina is the first to escape. The final battle between Clique and Aaron. As usual, we’ll find out the outcome during tonight’s live broadcast.

But according to rumors, the one to be deleted from the episode will be Cricca, much to the delight of social networks who have been asking to get rid of him for some time … we’ll see.


On the Amici stage, this evening, Enrico Brignano returns for the third time as an excellent studio guest

Champion of the music scene for more than 10 years, Emma presents her new single “Mezzo mondo” (released on Friday 28 April and the first excerpt from the next album)

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