Miriana Trevisan lives the pain of her father’s death / bursts into tears at GF VIP

The tender memory of Mirjana Trevisan for her father

during the The twentieth episode of Big Brother VIP 2021 Mirjana Trevisan She experienced a moment of intense emotion when she spoke of her own life and her father’s death, a wound that ravages a woman every time she thinks of it, and immediately afterwards her operation in the womb followed. His father Adriano Trevisan He disappeared over the past year due to the Corona virus. On the day of her death, the woman posted a photo on social media with a black background on which she wrote a sentence full of regret: “Have a nice trip dad, I love you so much. Thank you thank you thank you”.

Mirjana Trevisan inside a house Big Brother VIP 2021 She has always had the opportunity to reflect on her disappearance and this evening spoke live about how close her father was to her even after he disappeared during the operation: “In those six months, when we knew he was going to die, he was always very worried about me, he called me and said I was thinking of myself. I had the surgery in his private hospital, the nurses loved him so much and I was upstairs but in the room with the same number.”

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