What does he do when he starts a relationship with an intimate person? It never fails

What does he do when he starts a relationship with an intimate person?  It never fails

Some time ago, we discovered that within the Burbo clan, one person is gaining fame in Felipe Juan Froilan de Todos los Antros as a member of the Spanish monarchy who cares most about what they say about her and the image she gives. Public harassment, parties on the high seas, fashion shows, going to his cousin Eleonore's birthday… Victoria Federicawith his older brother on the other side of the world, with his grandfather Juan Carles in Abu Dhabi, is the family member who is often seen in places where it is not common to see bourbon (although this is now commonplace) With age, it seems that Eleonore also has a taste for parties and discos.)

Victoria Federica e Froilan / Europe Press

The daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar has a personality that often seems to save you from life or that people around her are disgusted by. He often gives off an image as an arrogant person who believes he is above everyone and believes he came to this world to have a good time and squander the wealth in the palace. But from time to time, she makes statements to some media outlets where she tries to give the image that she is a shy young woman, jealous of her privacy and has never broken a plate. Now, at the age of 23, he spoke to the newspaper ABCand addressed various topics, including, from and What do his friends look like and how does he choose them?.

Vic is usually taciturn in front of the press. He was seen going to events and events of all kinds, where photo shoots and red carpets were often held. because? Too far? To wonderful? The major denies it and says that she does not like to say anything in public because “Without knowing the person properly that I'm shyBut it leads me to also be careful and selective in my relationships and that's a good thing.” He emphasizes that when he surrounds himself with his people, he… Friends and comradesHe walks with leaden feet:I think that Distance yourself from what you do not know, At first until confidence is gradually gained“, a position she chose to protect not only herself, but also her family.

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In this way, Victoria Federica has formed bonds with a very select group of friends who always surround her and accompany her everywhere. Who is part of this select group?: “Influencers Tomás Páramo and María García de Jaime, bullfighter Roca Rey or Rocio Lafón, daughter of jockey Manuel Lafón, are some of his closest friends.“…But they are not the only ones. As she herself says, not all those close to her are acquaintances or children of acquaintances: “They are only the most popular. There are other people in your life who are completely anonymous and would prefer to stay that way. “I consider myself to have a great group of friends and I feel very lucky for that.”. The question posed in the above medium is how she makes all her friends trustworthy and always do it right. She gives the key:I don't think there's a detector, I think you meet peopleThere are some in particular who touch you in a special way because of their behavior with you or because of your state when you are with them.

The person he had not met, but who had already been given it to him, of course, was his controversial older brother. One Froilan In his sister's mouth he looks like an angel and does not comment on the one who has the image of an angry trampana: “The relationship I share with my brother is close and special. It is a connection built on affection, trust and mutual support. The foundation of our relationship is built on unconditional respect and acceptance of who we are. It's comforting to know that, no matter what, I can always count on him, and vice versa.“.

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