Big Brother Phip, Caldonazzo’s referee who risks being ruled out, reveals the showgirl in a panic

The Romanian actress fears an action by older brother Phoebe “Let’s hope you don’t hear the things I said, you got over it badly..” Meanwhile, from the web, it becomes clear that the offensive sentence was going to be directed at Jessica.

During the last few hours, at Casa del big brother vipmany competitors have pointed out Nathalie Caldonazzo, One may pronounce Extremely dangerous judgment that may lead to disqualification. Secondly Mirjana and SophieSpecifically, the verdict against the Romanian actress must be more than certain.

Big Brother Phip, Caldonazzo’s referee who risks being ruled out, reveals the showgirl in a panic

a few minutes ago, offending sentence It was shrouded in mystery, as in fact, the censorship was promptly taken as soon as the contestants faced the topic.

But according to what we learned from Twitter and the various rumors on Instagram, Nathalie he would say: Jessica steals food, she is after all a family vice. sentence that would target The two sisters’ father, SelassieAnd the Giulio Beseri aka Burhan Makonnen Hailey’s wreathHe is currently being held in Switzerland after being convicted of fraud. Whether this offense was punished, it must be said, has not yet been confirmed.

It seems that Nathalie I have already realized the seriousness of the statements and with Alessandro Bacciano commented: “Guys, how did you get out yesterday?! Let’s hope you didn’t hear the things I said, you really got over it. But will we see? I’m sorry but I don’t see him anymore and I exaggerated. Yesterday I got over really bad. What a fall in style. When I go out like this, I hope it won’t be seen. Now I was thinking about it oh my gosh, no, I wish they wouldn’t move it. Do you get a thrombus now and then, too? Because that happened to me.”

Mirjana Trevisan, Sophie Codegoni and Jessica SelassieTalking about what happened, they said they were shocked by what was said before Caldonazzo Who deserves one? Perfect measure by big brother. Several rumors leaked on the web revealed that the authors are already thinking about what they should do.

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