Why are some people sexier than others? science answers

Everyone wants to be sexy and being pretty isn’t enough to express sensuality. A hidden and innate gift? Science has conducted studies on this topic of interest to many out of pure curiosity and to learn and understand if you can improve and become sexier.

Laughter is sexy – Tipiu.com

Sociable and cheerful, and more sexual in a natural way

The reason why people are sensitive and attract more attention than others is not just one reason, it is not about height, weight or bottom, there are many. First of all, being sociable and cheerful pleases others and gives one Feeling comfortable and safe That is part of sensuality.

A study conducted by scientists fromUniversity of California It revealed how people who smile a lot are attractive in the eyes of interviewees. The research participants underwent some tests, one of which was looking at a picture of the same person but with different expressions.

In one photo, the person shown is smiling, in others he is serious, while the others are still sad or angry. Almost all of the participants chose the shot in which the subject was smiling and in a good mood. This reveals how you always prefer a cheerful and cheerful person who turns more Attractive and sexy.

Humorous, fun and exciting

Scientific research found that everyone who has sense of humor Advanced, they are smarter. That’s why these topics are also so interesting. He who knows how to laugh cleverly and finds the funny side of things even when it is not easily seen makes life more beautiful. This is very attractive, grabbing a smile from the interlocutor makes it irresistibly attractive and sexy.

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Self-esteem and confidence are attractive

Most Sexual They are self-confident and have a well-developed self-esteem. This attracts people who find a solid and undoubted attitude that creates anxiety, self-esteem and calm for the person in front of you, calms souls and conveys serenity and sensuality.

People who do not allow themselves to be afraid of life’s difficulties but remain calm and find the solution by smiling, have Priceless It is instinctively recognized and appreciated.

Beautiful on the inside before they’re on the outside

the aesthetic beauty It is attractive at first sight but can be sterile if there is also no inner beauty. Even those who aren’t statues can transform a lot Sexual If she is beautiful on the inside but the opposite cannot happen. Even if the modern world has discovered a great commodification of beauty, and the current aesthetic canons often turn out to be absurd for real life, Real beauty is in the soul.

sexy man laughing
Sexy means to laugh, to make sure you are beautiful on the inside – Ti più.com

So it is approved and imitated top model sawimpact At the moment, being sexy doesn’t really help, the opposite often happens because it results in a nice but empty package. Being yourself and developing the subconscious, that’s the real thing inner beauty It is always externalized and noticed by those who appreciate the true sense of being oneself. Science said it!

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