Stefano DiMartino, Belen’s husband closes in here

Stefano DiMartino, Belen’s husband closes in here
Stefano DiMartino and his wife, Belén Rodriguez, are an explosive couple on screen and behind the scenes. –

“We’re taking a break”: The dancer and presenter made the sad announcement on his social media.

All good stories come of their own sooner or later Conclusion. It also applies to Stephen DiMartino33 years old: young man dancer And the TV presenter expressed himself in his profile Instagram.

jump to Faces Thanks to participation in the ninth edition of the Mediaset program.Friends of Maria de FelipeStefano joined in ejaculate Since the next edition of the edition in which he participated, this time in his capacity professional.

a Professional life alternating between theater and television, on the main late evening programs of “Mama Mediaset”; Even in the current company e Famous Companion Belin RodriguezThe femme fatale from Italian television.

constantly in the center gossiptheir relationship is a push and pull which has been going on since 2012. The two are also still married parents son Santiago, born in 2013; But the marriage did not always go smoothly, and the couple divorced and reconciled on various occasions, the last time in 2022. In several interviews, Stefano admitted that he got married very soon.

From one reality show to the next, and then the turning point: Stefano’s professional achievement

In 2021, Stefano Di Martino left i family members Mediaset Studios to switch to opinionprogram to lead diverse On the second evening: Star Bar.

The program is for him thinkingis a lively living room named after Dedicated to the family bar Di Martino’s, historic bar in announced tower Founded by great-grandfather nearly a century ago. An informal environment where they take turns music and chatter with a steady cast of performers, like a comedian Herbert Ballerina and actress Marta Filippi. With this program, De Martino seems to have found a Serenity Long sought in your domain e professional; however…

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Stefano Di Martino directs the Bar Stella program in the third season (Rai) -
Stefano Di Martino directs the Bar Stella program in the third season (Rai) –

“Closed for the holidays,” the sarcastic caption on Instagram

In recent days Stefano announced that Bar Stella, now in its third edition, It won’t last for the summer.

presenter, regret In giving this information to the viewers who follow him on his profile, he took advantage of the moment to To thank Talents that accompanied this edition, such as arise And Fiorella Manuya. In the post, which is accompanied by a series of clips from the evening, he didn’t fail to mention that the episodes are available at Ray play for those who missa companyevening this summer.

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