“I hate this thing, it stinks”: Carlo gets angry and embarrasses everyone

“I hate this thing, it stinks”: Carlo gets angry and embarrasses everyone

The “curse” of the feathers haunts the king Charles III. After a gesture of anger during the announcement, on September 10, due to the state of his fountain pens “guilty” of cramming the desk he was sitting on, the king faced pen Defective in Belfast. All under the eyes of Queen Camilla, she may be a little tired, but much calmer than the royal consort.

Rebel pen

The small accident that occurred during the announcement of September 10, 2022, a St. James PalaceIt might cause a lot of discussion. Carlo has been criticized and introduced “arrogant” to gesture Nervous and domineering he was ordered by a servant to remove the pen holder who had made a mess of the desk while signing official documents. One of the most vitriolic controversies concerns the comparison with the deceased mother. Queen Elizabeth would never have acted like this. The press and social media are resounding.

A little of the tension was understandable at such an important moment, but Charles III was no longer the little child who had witnessed tired, unmotivated and bored during the long coronation. Queen Elizabeth II, in 1953 and was not able to withstand such excess programs, let’s call it that, where his mood and emotions are very pronounced. The Windsors, to maintain their aura of royalty and mystery, must show themselves more detached and somewhat unreachable in their surroundings. Even when it comes to them directly.

Instead, Carlo fell in love with her again. On the 13th of last September, he reached Belfast with the Queen Consort Camilla. A complicated stage in his journey in applying to his themes, due to the post-Brexit debate and the 20 separatists who never calmed down. Charles III had the very difficult task of holding together the kingdom to which Queen Elizabeth was the real glue. He will have to continue his work and strengthen it, but gets a little stressed easily.

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While he was signing the visitor’s book at Hillsborough Castle, the royal residence in northern IrelandCharles III realized that his pen was dripping ink all over his hands. He immediately got up from his desk, handed the pen to Camilla, turned to the staff, and said angrily: “I hate this pen. I can’t take this damn thing. Whenever it stinks”mentioned daily Mail. The King cleaned his hands while Camilla fell in turn and observed everything with a wholly British calm and a great sense of understanding for the delicate moment her husband was going through.

Little sensitive king

The new ruler’s murderous rage wasn’t just investing one pen rebellious, but dozens of historical collaborators of Clarence House. according to guardian Charles III had already fired some of the servants who served him faithfully when he was still Amir Galis. Even letters of impeachment were to arrive this past Monday 12 September, while Thanksgiving Mass was underway at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. Charles III was to lay off his staff who had worked in the palace for decades, including private secretaries and members of the communications sector. All the people who, since the Queen’s death, have gone out of their way, and have worked 24 hours a day to ensure the smooth running of power.

“They are bruised [di rabbia] visibly shaken,” source revealed. But Charles III was adamant: he no longer needed them, and for this reason, it was possible to expel his long-time collaborators without much celebration. Well there Property slender to avoid waste, but the king cannot stand such gaffes, revealing a purported side of his personality that would have nothing royal at all.

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