“TV forgot me.” What will he do now?

“TV forgot me.” What will he do now?

For many years, conductor David Mengashi was completely absent from the small screen. That’s why you don’t see him anymore and what is he doing now

Davide Mengacci is a famous TV presenter. Born in Milan on September 8, 1948, he is known to many viewers for his programs dedicated to tourism and cuisine, such as Sunday in the village And the Italian recipes. Before he became a presenter, Mengache was an actor: his television debut was, in fact, in the 1970 TV series. Five days in Milan. For years, the actor and host in Milan was engaged in the family advertising agency, but in the second half of the 80s he decided to follow the path of the conductor. was his program Otto Italie in the mirrorfollowed in 1987 duty to report.

In the 90s he became one of the pioneers of Mediaset: in fact, he participated in unforgettable shows like It’s not my opinionin which the corner of the publication was presented, and Excuse me. In 1996 he was commissioned with Rete 4 Sunday in the village, a container dedicated to the Italian artistic and cultural heritage. The format, which over the years has also been open to lifestyle and cooking recipes, has been so successful that it has generated spin-off benefits such as Saturday in the village And the Village Festival.

The outbreak of David Mengache

In the 2000s, the Milan show host conducted other important programs. among these, family recipes And the Italian recipes. The last episode aired from 2013 to 2021. However, after 2021, Davide Mengacci is no longer a permanent TV presence. The reason was revealed by him in an interview with Weekly New TV. The host revealed that after a 36-year career, broadcasters began calling him less, and only as a guest on other shows or phone shopping.

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Then Mengachee added that he regretted closing his historical program Italian recipesAlthough he admitted that there were good reasons behind the decision to cancel. Despite everything, the conductor of the orchestra hasn’t given up on the entertainment world and has recently rediscovered his first love: his love for acting. In fact, he recently participated in the movie violinistWritten by Alessandro Cello and directed by Mirco Zulu. In the feature film as stated Ilsussidario.netHe will play the role of a parish priest. Mengache said he was satisfied with the role he played, which he considered a true return to the origins.

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