What are Klebsiella bacteria and how are they described? 5 keys

What are Klebsiella bacteria and how are they described?  5 keys

he Klebsiella bacteria It has already caused a death Three premature babies, Two at Val d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona I Another by Giuseppe Trotta, from Girona.

1. What is Klebsiella bacteria?

Klebsiella bacteria are microorganisms found in… Human intestine. There, these bacteria participate in the digestion process and help protect the body from germs.

2. When is it dangerous?

These bacteria It is dangerous outside the intestine. If it reaches other parts of the human body, it can cause infections. It usually causes pneumonia, sepsis, wounds, and urinary tract infections. If they cannot be controlled, these infections can cause the death of the patient.

3. How difficult is it to treat?

One of the main problems generated by these bacteria is that they are difficult to treat as they are Resistant to most antibiotics.

4. How is it assigned?

These bacteria are usually transmitted by Contact with skin, mucous membranes, feces, wounds, or urine From an infected person. It is also usually transmitted by contact Materials that have been contaminated Such as catheters, probes, assisted ventilation, or operating room surfaces.

5. Who is most at risk?

the People with very low defenses (E.g. premature babies, patients in intensive care, etc.) are at greater risk of developing an infection with these bacteria.

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