Carpi, “Sunday in Science” events return to the Loria Hall – SulPanaro

Carpi, “Sunday in Science” events return to the Loria Hall – SulPanaro

Carby- The climate crisis, quantum physics, the future of the planet and man, but also the relationship between “stars” and the world of rock music: these are some of the topics “Sundays in sSciences“, a series of interviews with experts and authors dating back totoHall of BLuria multimedia library with a series of curated in-depth studies Alfonso Cornia, In cooperation with the “La Fenice” library.

Starting Sunday, October 15 at 6pm with the famous astrophysicist and celebrity Ilaria Arosio Which will address the theme “All the Rock Stars: 50 Years of Astronomy Through a Music Revolution.” Blog editor www.rockandscience.comArosio will be inspired by the Muse concert to traverse the history of rock music and the musicians who, drawing on science and astronomy, have been able to live, understand and bring to the general public small elements of in-depth analysis and knowledge.

The review will then continue on a monthly basis: DrSunday, November 5 at 6pm Biologist Maurizio CasiraghiMr ZBiology and Vice-Rector of Teaching at the University of Milano-Bicocca, will interview Alfonso Cornia on the relationship between humans and planet with a focus on the biodiversity crisis.

3 December to‘Appointment it will be with Fabio DiotoWhich will address the topic of the climate crisis and the awareness that humanity is facing (or not facing); toAnd Conferences will be closedyear the January 7, 2024 with Gabriella Graysonwriter, science activist and TV presenter, has already been defined as a “physics star”: with her we will discover the fascinating “quantum physics” through a monologue reconstructing dialogues, comparisons and discussions between the greatest scientists in history.

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All meetings are free to enter while space lasts. For information: 059649950 or [email protected]

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