The slouching effect: This is why we get sick on vacation, according to science

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, but there’s a reason we risk getting sick on vacation or around the weekend…

Someone introduces her Leisure diseaseBecause it is ominous and manifests itself on vacation or during the weekend, when we are about to prepare for the desired rest. Just set foot on the beach and within a few days backache, headache, stomach ache, rash, fatigue and sometimes the flu hits. but Murphy’s Law has nothing to do with it: If every now and then sickness occurs near the holidays, there is a much more scientific reason…

What is the effect of betrayal

second Mark Schoen, a psychologist and professor at UC Geffen School of MedicineL’imbalance effect (synonym for voiding sickness) is a common condition, and in it You may feel sick or ill after stressful events Such as period of work or intensive study. Sometimes it manifests itself Even after positive events, such as a wedding or a sports competition. What is certain is that, quite often, it happens during weekends, holidays and holidays. In part, the glitch effect is caused by Acute stress, which is known to affect our immune system.

How does leisure time disease manifest?

Schoen, who wrote on the subject When relaxation is dangerous for your health (When relaxation becomes bad for your health), she states, “Illness during these periods can manifest itself in two ways. It can be related to something we were exposed to at the height of stress, like a virus contracted from overwork. Or it can develop later through this.” open windowwhere every pathogen around us has a better chance of infecting us.” In practice, During heavy periods, the body produces high levels of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which aims to mobilize energy and strengthen the immune system to cope with stress. It is a natural and necessary response. The problem appears when this alert state stops suddenly: When stress subsides, the body naturally wants to rest and sleep. However, if we reduce stress too quickly, A sudden drop in stress hormones causes the immune system to lower its defenses at the wrong timeexposes us to virus and bacteria attacks.

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How to avoid leisure sickness

According to Dr. Schoen, The best way to avoid the letdown effect is to gradually release stress, keep your mind or body active, In order to keep the immune system on high alert. To do this, it is not necessary to work on vacation: Only use techniques that activate the immune system, such as daily jogging, a brisk 20-minute walk or up and down 3 flights of stairs. These exercise snacks can trigger a positive immune system response. Mental activities such as crossword puzzles are also helpful. And math games, of course: “Many studies show that doing math at a fast pace actually increases immune system activity,” Schoen explains.


Finally, breathing exercises are also welcome to give the mind and body a break from a stressful day: this has been proven Slowing our breathing and abdominal breathing reduces our heart rate blood pressure, slows brain waves. Finally, it’s best not to arrive on weekends or holidays in stressful circumstances, however Incorporating de-stressing activities such as walking in green spaces and sunbathing into the daily routinelistening to relaxing music, regular sleep and time for yourself and your hobbies, and avoiding, at least for a while, any form of workaholism.

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