“What a pain in the ass…” Fedez goes off in search of another golden tapir

“What a pain in the ass…”  Fedez goes off in search of another golden tapir

Another heavy accusation that Fedez directed at Morgan in the final episode of The X Factor, had the first consequences. Valerio Staveli returned to the rapper to give him another golden tapir, the third in the past month, and the eleventh in Federico Lucia’s career. Envoy Word spreads The award was delivered to the Fedez offices but the service recorded in the last few hours will not be broadcast until Wednesday evening. A preview of the rendition was provided by the rapper who, via his Instagram profile stories, spoiled Staveley’s new foray.

Third tapir in a month in Videz

“We can’t come again considering what happened in the last live show.”The correspondent of the satirical news program on Canal 5 expected himself to appear in the story published by Fedez on Instagram, who responded with annoyance: “What a pain in the ass you guys are, I can’t take it anymore. thanks God X factor “It’s over, I’m eleven.”. The singer showed the popular award to the camera, but without mentioning the reasons for another honor. But it is easy to understand that Staveley decided to visit the rapper again because of the serious accusations against him. Morgan During the recent live show, where he defined him as the “sycophant” of Saghrbi and Giorgia Meloni and once again confirmed that the former judge was kicked out of the talent show.

X Factor and Morgan: Reasons why there are tapirs in Fedez

Just a week ago, Staveley delivered another Tapir To Fidesz, in the spider version, to emphasize how thick and complex the plot to impeach Morgan had become. On that occasion, Federico Lucia said he was tired of having to answer to the class, which was not his fault: “Adequate! Go to Ambra, to Sky, to whoever you want, but not to me. “I didn’t fire him.”He was terrified, but a few days ago – when Tapirof of Striscia gave him his first award in the X Factor and Morgan case – the rapper had been under intense pressure with Accusations. ““Sky had to fire him because of his extremely dangerous behavior towards other people outside of live broadcast, but it was caught on camera.”On the occasion of the delivery of the first tapir, the artist revealed the entire issue on November 22. Then followed the second, and now comes the third. But to know the reasons For another recognition of the pirates, we will have to wait for the broadcast of the service scheduled for Wednesday, December 6 on the channel Striscia la Notizia.

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