A paparazzi has been sentenced to a year in prison for harassing Gerard Pique’s partner

A paparazzi has been sentenced to a year in prison for harassing Gerard Pique’s partner

The 14th Criminal Court of Barcelona sentenced photographer Jordi Martin to one year in prison for harassing and injuring Clara Chea, Gerard Pique’s partner. The ruling considers that it has been proven that the photographer harassed the victim “insistently and repeatedly,” through “continuous surveillance and persecution, physical proximity, and the use of social media networks,” and states that “the seriousness of this behavior is indisputable.” Thus, the court imposes an injunction on the convict and prevents him from communicating with the complainant for a period of one and a half years and obliges him to compensate her with more than 13 thousand euros for moral damages and health expenses resulting from the harassment.

In the ruling, the judge recounts various situations in which Chea felt harassed, and considers it proven that the photographer pursued the footballer’s partner to the point of invading “private areas”, such as the parking lot of the headquarters of the Cosmos company, owned by Pique and where the complainant works. In addition, he also confirmed that the paparazzi came to put the victim in danger with car chases through Barcelona at “high speed.”

“The defendant’s behavior towards her far exceeded all limits that could be acceptable, consistent with the media attention or expectation implied by her being Pique’s new partner,” the ruling said. The letter stated that the persecution had reached the point of making the complainant’s “daily living” unbearable.

Thus, the judge confirms that Shea was forced to “adjust” her daily habits and even change her address or leave her workplace temporarily to avoid contact with the photographer, and confirms that the facts caused a “significant change” in her personality. From a psychological and physical point of view.

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For this reason, the court also ruled that the photographer must compensate the victim for any consequences he may suffer, which will be determined by the forensic report. The judge also ordered Martin to pay the costs of the operation.

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