Totti Elari, Blasi is in Tanzania with his kids to protect them from gossip

Totti Elari, Blasi is in Tanzania with his kids to protect them from gossip

Elari chose to go to Tanzania with her sister, Sylvia, and her three children. New rumors about the captain’s divorce will appear tomorrow

Get on a plane and travel to the other side of the world with the only people who really matter: her children. Elari Blassie chose to go In Tanzania for a safari trip With her sister Sylvia and children: Christian, 17, Chanel, 15 and Isabelle, 6. A holiday planned for quite some time, and documented immediately on social media, because Elari wanted to give his kids a unique experience (they’re all passionate about animals) and wanted to take them away from the media hype of recent days. Her separation from Totti went all over the world, which is why the presenter chose to move away from Italy and Rome yesterday evening: protecting her children, at this time and in the future, is the priority for her and Francesco. Also because tomorrow the weekly Chi is coming out with other pics and other crap also related to Totti’s story with Noemi Bocchi and related to new numbers next to her, so you better get away many hours by plane and try. Isolate yourself.

Next steps

Also because the next few months will not be simple: separation, new life far away, homes to be shared, heritage to be shared. It won’t be easy to start over once the storm is over. Elari currently has no television schedule and is not expected to return to broadcasting before next spring, which will allow her to take care of the children full time. Francesco too, despite continuing to sign important advertising deals (most recently with an ice cream brand) and despite continuing to work with his agency. But, even here, something may soon change. Revolutions may have just begun.

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